Weird Human Evolution Facts You’ll Want to Tell Everyone

Human evolution is an interesting subject. Here are 10 of the most interesting evolution facts you will probably want to share with everyone!

The Weirdest Human Evolution Facts

1 The plantaris muscle, the muscle that allows us to grip stuff just like other primates, is missing in 9% of the population.

2 Why do we have goose bumps? Well, it is said that they are remnants of the thick hair that covered our ancestors.

3 Our brains have shrunk over the last 30,000 years, losing a tennis ball in size.

4 Homosapiens navigated the Indian Ocean to Australia from Africa 50,000 years ago using small boats.

5 It took 100,000 years for the world population to reach 1 billion. However, it only took 133 years for that number to double to 2 billion and 44 years to reach 4 billion.

6 Research has found that the throwing skills of a human being evolved from our extinct human ancestors, and even chimps cannot match those skills. In fact, a chimp can only throw about one-third as swiftly as a 13-year-old little League pitcher.

7 The brain is believed to have grown so rapidly in size and complexity because of a protein domain called DUF1220.

8 Researchers say that humans have longer lifespans compared to apes because human grandmothers help feed their grandchildren while other primates fend for themselves after being weaned by their moms.

9 We are the only primates whose teeth decrease in size as our brains enlarge.

10 Our fists have constantly evolved to give a punch. Our fingers and palms have become shorter while our thumbs have become stronger and more flexible.

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11.Why are lefties outnumbered by right-handed people? Researchers believe that left-handed people are competitive while right-handed people are cooperative, and since we value cooperation more than competition, we tend to be the same. To put this into perspective, lefties only make up 10% of the population but make up 50% of the best gun-ho athletes.