Interesting Internet Facts You’ll Want To Read Right Away

Internet Facts

Many people use the Internet to search things or get entertained. While it has become an indispensable tool for many people, it is unfortunate to take note that only a few people take the chance of getting to know the Internet more.

Fascinating Facts about the Internet

1 20% of the entire population in the world is Internet users. This is translated to more than 1 billion of people using the Internet worldwide.

2 One in six marriages occurs because couples first dated online. This indicates that the Internet changed the dynamics of romance as more and more people are turning to the World Wide Web to find their mates.

3 37% of the Internet is comprised of adult sites.

4 The first website was launched on August 6, 1991. Berners-Lee and his colleague launched the which has a landing page of only 153 words. Surprisingly, the website is still up and running.

5 So you think that the Internet is heavy. Think again. The weight of the Internet’s static data weighs less than a grain of sand provided that you do not include the hard drives as well as the transistors.

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6 There are around 8.7 billion electronic devices that are connected to the Internet and the amount of electricity required to run the system is very huge. The Internet needs around 50 million of horsepower in electricity to keep it running on its current state.

7 The European research organization, CERN, based near Geneva announced on April 30, 1993 that the Internet will be free to anyone without fees included.

8 The hidden message behind the Amazon logo is you can get everything in this store from a -> z. Look at the arrow pointing from a to z.

9 Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. The first image he uploaded in the Internet was the joke band of women from the CERN nuclear research laboratory.

10 The term “surfing” the Internet was coined in 1992 by Jean Armour Polly, a New York librarian.

11 The Internet is the biggest network that holds many devices together. Thus if an event may happen that leads to the Internet to stop working, then the whole world will slow down or will be in chaos until the Internet connection is restored. This is how much we rely on the Internet.

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The Internet of Things

The newest part of the internet is often referred to as the “internet of things” which means that your devices are connected through the internet/web and also to each other. So your phone might “notify” your car that you are nearby and open the door for you. Or your house might realize you left and lock the electronic door to protect your house.

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Because of the Internet of Things, more electronic devices are being connected to the Internet, and they’re talking to each other behind your back.   Let’s take a look at the Internet of Things and how it’s becoming a major part of our lives, in ways you probably didn’t know.