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Facts You Didn’t Know about Irina Meier

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Irina Meier is a Ukrainian model and cosplay artist who has risen to prominence for her stunning figure and unique ability to portray a host of characters in an incredible manner. She has showcased a host of vibrant characters ranging from superheroes to video game characters in a fashion unlike any other. Her popularity has soared significantly over the years.

Irina has a host of platforms where she shares her work in distinct ways for diverse audiences. Her ability to mold herself into an array of characters has brought her to the limelight, boosting her net worth to nearly $1.25 million in a short span of time. Still being at a tender age she continues to stun agencies and audiences around the globe.

Are you intrigued by Irina Meier? We scoured the internet to bring you some of the most fascinating facts about her.

Here’s everything you need to know about Irina Meier:

1. Irina hails from Odessa Ukraine

Irina was born in Odessa, the third most populous city in the beautiful country of Ukraine. She still lives in her home country although she travels the world as a hobby and also due to her work. As of 2021, her height has been recorded as 5’ 6” and weighs about 58 kg. Her amazing figure and unparalleled beauty makes her the best at playing a breadth of unique characters.

2. She is a Capricorn

Irina Meier was born on January 12th, 1997 which makes her zodiac sign Capricorn. She doesn’t pay a lot of attention to astronomy or at least that’s not evident from her social media posting. At the time of writing this article in 2021, her age was 24 years. For a tender age, she has gained a lot of popularity for her portrayal of some of the most famous characters on the planet.

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3. Instagram was her initial source of fame

Irina has stated that cosplay was a passion of hers since an early age. She began posting modeling as well as artistic images to her Instagram in 2014. Her jump to 350,000 followers on Instagram was quite rapid. She recently posted a video of behind the scenes playing the famous Black Widow character adorned by Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel universe. After the video, she has accumulated 1M followers and counting.

4. She began cosplaying while still in high school

Irina has stated multiple times on her social media handles that she began cosplaying while in her high school in her hometown. She is clearly amazing at it and has made quite a name for herself with some of the most lively cosplays anywhere on the platform. Her ability to deliver on the brilliant displays is what enables her to set apart from the rest.

5. Her cosplay of famous superheroes and movie characters has brought her international attention

The breadth of cosplays that Irina has played is diverse. From Lenore of the animated Castlevania series to Black Widow from the Marvel universe, she has done it all. One look at her Instagram and it is evident why she has such a massive following. Her portrayals are extremely on-point and she blends exquisitely into these characters. Irina’s cosplay of Peggy Carter from Captain America is one that you should definitely checkout.


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6. Besides Instagram, she has a YouTube and Twitch channels as well

Irina is not on Instagram alone. She has a variety of platforms where she shares her work in unique ways. On YouTube, her channel has nearly 12k subscribers and she streams on Twitch as well with thousands of people tuning in to her live shows. She also has a website along with TikTok and Twitter handles for different types of audiences.

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7. Irina’s Patreon page helps her support her passions

Irina’s Patreon forms a major source of her income as she posts some of the most exclusive content regarding her passions there providing sneak peeks, behind the scenes and early access to people who have signed up to her page on the platform. She has a significant following on Patreon where monthly members enjoy her finest work without restrictions.

8. She loves Mexican and Spanish cuisines

Irina Meier has a unique set of hobbies including travel, reading, writing blogs, driving sports cars, singing, and acting. She enjoys Mexican and Spanish cuisine and is also an avid animal lover having a pet dog of her own. Her passion for cosplay and modeling trumps all as it is evident from her Instagram and other social media pages.

9. She has a second Instagram handle @irina.away for her travel content

She has a profound love for travelling and has since made a separate Instagram page to share her adventures with the world. Titled ‘Notes from the Road’ this Instagram page has 35.8K followers and counting. So far, she has travelled to 21 countries sharing her experiences of staying in a lot of places from 5 star restaurants to muddy tents wherever she goes.

10. Irina is an extremely private person with no details about her personal life available

A lot of personal information regarding Irina’s life is not available on the internet as she likes to keep her personal life private. From the names of her parents to number of siblings and relationship status, almost every bit of information with respect to her personal life is hidden from the public eye allowing her to lead a secluded life despite her huge social media following.


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A post shared by Irina Meier (@irine_meier)

Cyberpunk 2077 – Cosplay and props/IRINA MEIER

Irina Meier was happy to show you one of the most complex cosplays she had to do in her life. She did it for CD PROJEKT RED with a pleasure to perform as V 🙂


Irina Meier is a social media influencer, fashion model, YouTuber, cosplayer and Instagram star who has risen to fame through the power of digital platforms making a name for herself in the industry. Her popularity continues to grow as she plays a diverse range of characters in photoshoots and travels the world to showcase the beauty that this planet holds.

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