15 Fascinating Facts about Ivana Alawi

With more than 14 million followers on her YouTube and 7 million followers on Instagram, it wouldn’t be wrong to call Ivana Alawi a social media star. From making engaging YouTube content to appearing in a Philippine romance drama film and a number of TV shows, Ivana has accomplished some pretty impressive milestones in a span of just six years.

Ivana is known for her stellar looks, her captivating social media presence that has millions obsessing over her, and her acting for which she has even earned an award.

Here Are 15 Interesting Facts about Ivana Alawi

1. Her Screen Name Is Not Her Real Name

Despite what you may have heard, Ivana Alawi is not the star’s real name. In fact, her real name is actually Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Al-Alawi, which is an Arabic name. Marbella is her maternal family name, whereas Al-Alawi is her paternal family name.

2. She Was Actually Born in Bahrain

Ivana Alawi is a Filipino actress but she was actually born in Bahrain to a Filipino mother and a Moroccan father, so she’s actually an Arab-Filipino actress.

3. Her Parents Separated When She Was Only 7

When Ivana was 7 years old, her parents separated. As a result, she flew alone to live with her mother in the Philippines.

4. Ivana Is the Heiress to Her Father’s Fortune

After her father’s death, Ivana was made the heiress to his fortune per his will.

5. Her Sister Is Also an Actress

Ivana’s youngest sibling, Mona Alawi is a former child actress. Popularly known by her stage name, Mona Louise Rey, Mona has appeared in several commercials and teen shows. She is mostly known for her appearance in the TV shows Munting Heredera, Aso ni San Roque, and Luna Blanca. However, she is currently focusing on her studies and is homeschooling. You would often see her in Ivana’s vlogs. 

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6. Ivana Was Awarded the Best New Female Personality Award

Ivana has appeared in a film and several TV shows, including Sino ang Maysala: Mea Culpa, for which she received the Best New Female Personality award in the 33rd PMPC Star Awards for TV.

7. Ivana Has Appeared in 5 TV Shows and Films till Date

So far, Ivana has appeared in the following TV shows and films ever since her career kicked off:

  • As Rina in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi
  • As Amor in Ang Probinsyano
  • Made her film debut in Open
  • Appeared in 3pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon!
  • As Lolita in Sino ang Maysala?: Mea Culpa

8. Ivana Also Participated in GMA-7’s StarStruck

Not many people are familiar with this fact but Ivana Alawi has also participated in GMA-7’s TV reality show called StarStruck in 2015. In fact, that’s how her fashion career started off!

9. Ivana Has a Very Happening YouTube Channel

In 2019, Ivana launched her very own YouTube channel named Ivana Alawi, which now has over 14.3 million subscribers and is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the Philippines.

10. Ivana Was Born on Christmas

That’s right! Her birthday falls on a day that is celebrated all over the world. Her birthday falls on a very wonderful holiday, Christmas. She was born on the 25th.of December 1996, which makes her 23 years old.

11. Ivana Alawi Is Rumored to Be Dating a Fellow Filipino Model

Ivana Alawi is rumored to be dating a fellow Filipino model, actor, and athlete named Marco Gumbo. Although the rumors have neither been confirmed nor denied by the two. However, videos of the two chilling together and hanging out closely at a karaoke bar have gone viral.

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12. Ivana’s Ex-Boyfriend Cheated on Her Multiple Times

Although Ivana did not disclose his name, her ex-boyfriend cheated on her multiple times. The star was really hurt to find out because they both loved each other.

13. Ivana has a Huge Crush on Coco Martin

According to the star, her ultimate crush has to be the actor Coco Martin. Coco Martin is a fellow actor, producer, and director. Ivana Alawi has also had the pleasure to work with him on Ang Probinsyano.

14. Ivana’s Estimated Yearly Earning Is about $1.4 Million

According to Gulf News, the Arab-Filipino actress makes roughly $87,300-$1.4 million yearly. She rocame in the spotlight through her social media platforms, all of which have a huge fan following in the millions.

15. Ivana’s Little Sister Is Battling Diabetes

Ivana’s little sister, Mona, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2011, the same year she started her career. Ivana is very emotional about her sister’s condition and is always looking for better treatment options. This type of diabetes results in the immune system destroying insulin-making cells. She’s the only one in her family to be diagnosed with the disease.

Ivana Alawi | TWBA Uncut Interview

Ivana Alawi bares all as she answers the hottest and most intriguing questions. Check out Ivana’s interview with TWBA to learn interesting details about her life and career. This is the uncut video of her interview with TWBA.


Ivana Alawi rose to fame in a matter of only six years. She has appeared in several shows and films. Her YouTube channel is one of the most subscribed channels in the country, thanks to her engaging videos. You can find her on every social media platform with a huge following. One thing about Ivana Alawi that we can’t help but love is how caring and supportive she is about her little sister and her health condition. She has been very vocal about her sister’s condition and has shared her concerns in many interviews.

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