13 Amazing Facts About Iza Leslie

Iza Leslie is a social media influencer and star who is very popular, especially among the youth. She has over 55K followers on Instagram and over 194K on TikTok. Her popularity is only growing every day, and she is known as a Boutilena babe. Iza has featured as a model for many shoots too.

She is currently 20 years of age and is from Georgia. If you want to find out more interesting facts about your favorite Instagram influencer, then continue reading here! 

Here are a Few Incredible Facts About Iza Leslie

1. She Started on Instagram

Iza Leslie started as an Instagram influencer. She was able to gain enough followers in a very short time frame due to her amazing physique and her great modeling skills. Her Instagram account is filled with great pictures of her in many different locations all over the world. Her fan following keeps growing over time, and her followers seem to absolutely adore her.

2. She Studies at Florida State University

Iza chose to continue her education, despite choosing a career path for herself. She studies at Florida State University and also resides in Florida currently. 

3. She Has Blonde Hair

Iza has long, blonde hair that she loves to flaunt. She looks ravishing in all types of hairstyles, whether it’s a ponytail or something else. In most of her Instagram pictures, she is seen to have her hair styled in a straight or wavy fashion. Whatever style she opts for, she looks great in it.

4. She Loves Traveling

Iza’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her from different trips she has made to various parts of the world. A few of the places that she has been to include Switzerland, the Caribbean, Italy, Miami, etc.

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Her love for traveling is evident from her excitement whenever she visits a new place. Her followers love to see her going to different places and sharing her journey with them.

5. She Loves Wearing Swimwear

In many of her Instagram pictures, Iza is seen flaunting her curvy and fit body in different types of swimwear. Different shades of blue and black seem to be her top picks for swimwear. Oh Polly and Dolls Kill also got her to model for them. She is very fit and, hence, is gaining popularity amongst these clothing brands.

6. She Has Great Modeling Skills

Iza knows exactly how to model for different clothing brands. Whatever pose she strikes, she is able to turn heads. Be it a simple smile or an attractive pout, she knows what she is doing and is able to capture everyone’s attention. She also has many pictures of her posing in her car, and she looks ravishing in all of those, as well.

7. Black and White Seem to be Her Favorite Colors

In most of her pictures on Instagram, she is seen to be wearing either black or white-colored clothes. Not only does she look ravishing in them, but her skin color also complements these two extremes.

Black dresses make her figure stand out, and she is seen wearing this color for long dresses, short dresses, and swimsuits, showing her love for monochromes.

8. She Likes to Make People Laugh

From her Instagram account, it can be seen that she has listed herself as a ‘comedian.’ She absolutely loves to make other people laugh and is also really great at it. Most of her pictures on Instagram feature her with a wide smile. She has numerous people around her at all times because she loves socializing and making others happy.

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9. She Loves Inspiring Quotes

Iza frequently shares inspiring quotes, which shows her love for them. She appears to be a very optimistic person, with the type of quotes that she shares on her Instagram account.

10. She’s Extremely Social

Iza’s Instagram boasts of a lot of friends. She is often seen hanging out with different people and seems to love making friends. After all, one can only make new friends if they love interacting with others. She has friends from her university and her work, amongst many others.

11. She Loves the Water

A lot of Iza’s pictures are clicked at the beach or on a boat. This shows how much she loves the water. In many pictures, she is also seen to be swimming in the pool.

12. She Loves her Job

Iza aspires to become an incredibly popular model, which is seen in all the hard work she puts into her shoots. She really goes the extra mile to put up her best work. As a result, a lot of new brands are also looking to sign her up with them.

13. She Has a Pet Cat

A few of Iza’s TikTok videos are with her cat. She seems to adore her cat immensely and enjoys making videos with her too.

Weekend in CROATIA

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So these are all the important facts about Iza Leslie. She is a popular Instagram influencer and model studying at Florida State University. She is 20 years old and loves to travel all over the world to different locations. She puts a lot of hard work into her modeling career, and many other brands are looking to partner with her too.

Our favorite fact about her is that she is social and loves hanging out with different people. It is also commendable that she manages her education and modeling career simultaneously and is working very hard. Good going, Iza!

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