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14 Interesting Facts about Izabela Ion

Izabela Ion facts

Izabela Ion is one of the most famous names in the Austrian modeling world. She started her modeling career after participating in the 2018 Miss Austria beauty pageant that ended up making her popular around the world. Her popularity only grew as she started posting stunning images of herself and her life on Instagram.

Despite an impressive following on social media, most of her fans and admirers do not know much about her personal life, likes, dislikes, and ambitions. That’s why we decided to find out interesting facts about Izabela and let you in on the secrets of her life. Ready to learn more about the stunning Austrian model?

14 Surprising Facts about Izabela Ion

1. Izabela Was Born and Raised in Vorarlberg, Austria

Izabela Ion is a native Austrian who has lived most of her initial years in Vorarlberg, Austria. She was born there and raised by her family members along with her other siblings. There are not enough details about the exact number of her family members, but we do know that she has a nephew who she adores a lot!

2. Izabela Was Passionate About Modeling Ever Since She Was Little

Modeling was not something that just happened for Izabela. Ever since she was a child, she was interested in beauty pageants and modeling. She was always a pretty kid who turned into a beautiful woman so a career in modeling was not a far-fetched dream for her.

3. She Participated in the 2018 Miss Austria Beauty Pageant

To fulfill her modeling dream and stand on a national stage to show her talents, Izabela participated in the 2018 Miss Austria competition. The competition itself did not give her the spotlight she has today. What happened after the competition is the reason Izabela became a world-renowned model!

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4. Izabela Did Not Win the 2018 Pageant…At First

Daniela Zivko won the 2018 Miss Austria beauty pageant and Izabela was the runner-up. However, Daniela broke Miss Austria’s contract agreements that resulted in her being stripped of the 2018 Miss Austria title. Subsequently, Izabela won the title and holds it to this day!

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5. Izabela Represented Austria in Miss World 2018

After getting the crown of Miss Austria 2018, Izabela represented her country in the 2019 Miss World competition held in China. It was one of the most memorable moments of her life that ushered her into a successful career as a model and social media personality.

6. She Worked as an Assistant Store Manager

In her contestant Introduction video for Miss World 2018, Izabela revealed that modeling was something she did as a hobby. Her actual job was the role of Assistant Store Manager for a sneakers store. It’s unclear how long that job lasted, but based on her current lifestyle, it’s obvious she’s moved on!

7. Izabela Featured in Mark With a K & Xillions’s Music Video

With a beauty pageant crown and a trip to China for the Miss World 2018 competition, Izabela got the offer to feature in the ‘Heartbeat’ music video of Mark With a K & Xillions. The video was published on YouTube in April 2020.

8. Izabela Has Posed for Famous Brands

Apart from the music video, Izabela has also modeled and posed for many lingerie, healthcare, and makeup brands. She even promotes some of the brands using her social media profile. Some of those brands are Food Spring, Huber Uhren & Schmuck, etc.

9. Izabela Is a Fitness Freak

Izabela is not just a model who stays fit with diets and regular exercise. She takes care of her fitness and does yoga daily to keep herself in shape. She also likes to embark on walks and hikes along the trails in her city.

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10. She Likes Hiking

Izabela has always loved hiking. It’s part of her routine to go out in nature and enjoy the views along with fresh air. She also posts stunning pictures on her Instagram to let her followers enjoy the hiking and fitness journey with her.

11. Izabela Has Two Gorgeous Dogs

She has two gorgeous dogs and one of them is a gorgeous Russian Husky. She loves spending time with them. On her Instagram account, she posts a few pictures of them, either on a hiking trail or doing funny things to entertain her.

12. Izabela Loves Dancing

Izabela was part of a dancing group for more than 10 years. She learned ballet and other forms of dancing as a young girl so dancing is a huge part of her life. In fact, she still loves dancing and enjoys it as a hobby now and then.

13. She Likes Operas

A surprising fact about Izabela is that she is interested in opera! Bregenzer Festspiele is a music festival with a floating stage that is held in July and August in Vorarlberg. Izabela never misses their performances.

14. Izabela Loves to Travel

Izabela’s Instagram profile is filled with images of her travels that she loves sharing with her fans and followers. As a model, she gets to travel to many places and enjoy the scenic views, something that she dearly adores as a nature lover.

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Izabela Ion – wiki/bio and fashion trends – Young and Beautiful supermodels

Young and Beautiful supermodels – Izabela Ion – portrait mode. Meet Izabela…who is this gorgeous Austrian fashion model? Izabela participated in 2018 Miss Austria, the 89th edition of the Miss Austria pageant that was held on September 1, 2018. Daniela Zivkov won the crown, and Izabela Ion became the first runner-up.


We hope that you loved knowing more facts about Izabela Ion. We also enjoyed sharing them with you. The thing we like most about Izabela is her love for her dogs and how cute they look on her Instagram profile. It’s also quite commendable that she expresses her love for nature. If you want to know more about Izabela and how her life is as a model, you can connect with her on her Instagram profile.

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