Jehovah’s Witness Facts You Don’t Want to Miss

Facts about Jehovah's Witnesses

Although Jehovah’s Witnesses agree with some Christian views such as the inerrancy of the Bible, Virgin Mary, and opposition of homosexuality, divorce and abortion, they do have other diverse beliefs and practices.

Unbelievable Jehovah’s Witness facts

1 They advise against and choose not to participate in politics or in the military since they believe that Satan rules the world and its governments.

2 They do not celebrate holidays – Easter, Christmas, and birthdays included. They believe that these holidays have pagan origins.

3 Although they do visit hospitals and accept conventional medicine, they do not accept full blood transfusions.

4 They strongly hold that anyone who is not a Jehovah’s Witness is demonically inspired and part of Satan’s system of things.

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5 Adolf Hitler killed up to 5,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses because they refused to fight in World War I and refused to support the Nazi party in Germany.

6 Despite having over 7 million members, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that only 144,000 will ascend to heaven to rule at Jesus’ side.

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7 They do not collect offerings or tithes at their places of worship. They survive on voluntary contributions.

8 According to them, God’s very first creation was Jesus, and his other name is Michael the Archangel. After Jesus was created, he and Michael (the same person), created everything, including Angels and the world, together.

9 They do not believe in the Holy Trinity. They believe in a single, solitary God by the name Jehovah.

10 They refuse to engage in war or conflict of any type.

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11  Jehovah’s Witness’ Bible doesn’t include the word hell. This is because members of this faith do not believe in a literal hell. This Bible, the New World Translation, uses original words such as Sheol or Gehenna without translating them into the English language. They believe that hell is not as a place of punishment and torture but a “common grave of mankind” where people unconsciously end up when they die.

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