13 Amazing Facts about Jenna Kurmemaj

Jenna Kurmemaj is a young actress who is known for her appearances in the short drama Laurina and the popular supernatural drama television series called Manifest. In Manifest, Jenna appears as a young Olive Stone, one of the leading characters of the series. This is her first big appearance in a popular TV series that put her in the spotlight. Let’s learn more about this pretty face and who she is in real life.

Here Are the Most Compelling Facts about Jenna Kurmemaj

1. She Is a Great Science Student

Jenna Kurmemaj is really good at science. It is one of her favorite subjects and she came in second place in the 2019 Regional Science Championship in Long Island, qualifying for the Nationals. She got a medal and a certificate in the competition to mark her achievement.

2. She Is Very Much into Art

Jenna has actively participated in art throughout her years in school. She was more into art than any other subject. In fact, she even used to write poetry, practiced music, and danced during her years in elementary and high school. Fast forward to today, Jenna chose acting, one of the best fields of art, as her career.

3. She Is a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu

That’s right! In addition to mastering the arenas of art and science, Jenna is also a master of Jiu Jitsu, which is a combat and martial art sport revolving around submission holds and ground fighting. She earned her Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu under the guidance of Sensei Karen Lamb. Jenna attended the Zanshin Self Defense Academy in New York to take Jiu Jitsu classes.

Later on in August 2021, Jenna won her 1st Degree Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu, which is given three years after an athlete has received their Black Belt. It is a huge achievement in Jiu Jitsu that only the most skilled ones can achieve.  

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4. She Is a University Graduate

Jenna is a high school graduate today. She passed her high school with credits in acting and stage. She is also a very talented dancer and musician. After graduating from high school, Jenna went on to study acting in her university. She graduated with a B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in visual, performing, and fine arts.

5. She Has Attended the STS Performing Arts Academy

Jenna has been into acting since a young age. She studied in the From Stage to Screen Performing Arts Academy that enrolls students from the age of 5 till adults. The academy offers special classes in the areas of Film. When Jenna got the role in the NBC hit show Manifest, her academy took it to their official Facebook account to congratulate their very talented student who, according to them, has wonderful things to achieve in the future.

6. She Has Even Been a Nun!

For Halloween, of course. Jenna loves to dress up on Halloween. For Halloween 2020, she decided to dress up as the most terrifying ghost we have seen till date, the Nun, who was the main antagonist in the movie “The Nun”, from The Conjuring films. She loves scaring her neighbors and always dresses up in scary characters for Halloween.

7. She Has a Great Bond with Her Father

Jenna enjoys a really beautiful bond with her father. On his birthday, Jenna took to her Instagram to wish him a happy birthday. She revealed how her father is the funniest person you’d ever meet. She loves his sense of humor and the hilarious and weird stuff he does in the house all the time.

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8. Her Mother Is Very Supportive

Jenna has a really supportive mother who also manages her Instagram account for her. Jenna’s mother has helped her a lot throughout her shoots.

9. Jenna Loves Beaches

Jenna is a huge fan of the sea. You will often find basking in the sun by a beach. She has been to alot of beaches all her life, one of her favorites being in Aruba where she attended a destination wedding of her cousin.

10. Jenna Loved Being a Part of the Manifest Family

Jenna is very grateful for the people she got to meet on the Manifest set. She got to meet the most amazing cast, writers, directors, products, and crew members who all made sure she had an incredible experience. She also loved her character as the daughter of Ben Stone and Grace Stone. She is really thankful for the great opportunity she received that got her a lot of exposure in Hollywood.

11. She Is a Fan of Opera

Jenna loves singing and is a huge fan of Opera. She has even performed the Pietà, Signore! on stage once in a beautiful portrayal of theater. She also loves singing regular songs. She once sang her mom’s favorite song, “Imagine”, on stage at The Duplex and did a really good job.

12. She LOVES Desserts

Jenna has a big sweet tooth! She loves eating desserts and icecreams. According to a picture on her Instagram, being around desserts is like being in heaven for Jenna. We couldn’t relate more!

13. She Has Very Loving Grandparents

Jenna is very close to her grandparents. They are very loving and she often used to go stay with them. She calls them the “best grandparents ever”.

Manifest Season 3 Trailer

Checkout the trailer of Manifest season 3 where Jenna Kurmemaj portrays a young Olive.

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These are some of the little known facts about the up and coming actress Jenna Kurmemaj, who is a leading character’s (Olive’s) younger version in the show Manifest. Jenna is currently filming for her short film Laurina, which is going to be released in 2022. However, one thing’s for sure! She definitely has a bright future in the film and TV industry.