13 Most Surprising Facts about Jessi Callahan

Jessi Callahan is a former Victoria’s Secret employee and now a rising YouTube star who posts lifestyle, fashion, and try-on haul videos. With over 57.5k subscribers, her YouTube channel is quickly growing due to her engaging videos and reviews. But let’s see who really Jessi Callahan is behind the camera lens.

Here Are the Most Surprising Facts about Jessi Callahan

1. She is a dedicated content creator

Jessi Callahan is pretty serious about her YouTube channel and is highly dedicated towards it. She posts highly engaging content several times a week. Most of her videos are related to lifestyle, reviews, and try-on hauls of different brands. Her channel currently has more than 57.5k subscribers.

2. She is a former Victoria’s Secret employee

Not many of her fans know this but Jessi Callahan has actually worked at Victoria’s Secret Pink. She joined the company with her best friends and loved working there during her first month. According to her, she loved how all the employees got to do a rotational shift and not stick to one task only. She was already really grateful to all the free Victoria’s Secret Pink products that were given to employees upon filling out a survey.

However, she couldn’t continue her job for more than 4 months as she noticed how fake most of the other girls at work were. She did not admire the fact that everyone who was apparently friends with one person would talk behind their back as soon as they left. Therefore, Jessi eventually quit.

3. She’s big on organizing and decluttering

Consider her a Monica Geller 2.0. You will find multiple videos on her YouTube organizing and decluttering her room. From her room and closet to her phone, Jessi cannot stand cluttered spaces. She makes sure everything she owns is organized in a satisfying way, be it the apps in her phone or the stuff in her house.

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4. She’s really clumsy

According to her, she drops her phone several times a day. From the grocery store to a concrete road, there is not a surface left where Jessi has not dropped her phone. That’s the reason why she has a really hard and sturdy anti-breakage phone case like the ones that people usually buy for their kids.

5. She loves her little sister

Jessi Callahan has a super cute little sister who she adores. The YouTube star has her sister’s picture set as her iPhone’s lock screen. You will also find her phone loaded with all of her sister’s favorite games, including Fruit Ninja and Temple Run 2, which the YouTuber is guilty of playing too when she is bored.

6. She loves the ocean

Jessi loves the ocean. Being surrounded by the Minnesota lakes, she does not get to see much of the ocean. That’s why she has a picture of a beautiful sunny ocean as her home screen wallpaper. She is an ocean person and would prefer them over lakes any day.

7. She uses the Notes app on her iPhone constantly

Jessi is one of those people who use the Notes app on their phones excessively. According to her, she is constantly on her Notes app, writing down whatever thoughts come to her mind and whatever ideas she gets. It is the most used app on her iPhone.

8. She uses a Canon camera to film her videos

Jessi Callahan is a Canon user and uses the Canon PowerShot G7 X to record videos for her YouTube channel.

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9. She LOVES Pinterest

If there’s one social app that Jessi loves, it is Pinterest. You will either find her using Pinterest all the time some days and not even once on the rest of the days. She gets all of her outfits, décor, and workout inspiration from Pinterest and swears by it!

10.  She used to do yoga regularly

Jessi used to do yoga regularly and had a really healthy body and mind. However, she does not get enough time to practice yoga regularly and realizes how discontinuing it has affected her body. But she soon plans on getting back on track again!

11.  She keeps track of her food

Jessi is a firm believer of the fact that whatever we eat affects our moods. Therefore, she likes to keep track of her food intake using an app to ensure that her mood swings are not due to the food she consumed that day.

12.  She is excessively introverted

Despite the popular belief, Jessi Callahan is an introvert. In fact, whenever she is in a social setting where she wants to avoid interactions, she starts playing games on her phone so that no one disturbs her.

13.  She is a both a cat and a dog person

She has two dogs called Lance and Logan who she takes care of really well and monitors them whenever she’s away from her house. She also has a cat who seems to disappear every once in a while.

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From joining a great organization to pursuing her career to quitting it because of all the fake coworkers, we can’t help but admire Jessi’s principles and morals. She is a rising YouTube star with more than 1.7 million views on her top videos and we know for a fact that her channel will continue growing rapidly. You can stay connected with Jessi Callahan on her Instagram and catch a glimpse of her daily life.

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