10 Startling Jim Parsons Facts Even Diehard Fans Might Not Know

The Big Bang Theory became one of the most successful sitcoms on CBS in recent years. If you have not seen the show, then you are missing out. One of the best characters on the show is Sheldon Cooper, a super-genius sort of character, who is portrayed by actor Jim Parsons.

While Jim is known far and wide for his smarty-pants role, there are other facts about the real Jim Parsons that are just as unique and interesting. Let’s take a look at some Jim Parsons facts that even his most adoring fans might not know.

Fascinating Facts about Jim Parsons

1 He was Involved in the Muppets

In 2011, Jim Parsons lent his talent to The Muppets, where he played a new character for the series, Walter. Jim played the human alter-ego to Walter.

2 He Transitioned from TV to Movies

Jim Parsons worked with some big-name movie actors in 2011 for the film The Big Year.

3 He Loved the Big Bang after reading the first script

The first time that Jim Parsons read the initial script for The Big Bang Theory’s pilot episode, he wanted the role of Sheldon.

4 Big Bang Theory was his first break

The first big TV break for Jim Parsons came with The Big Bang Theory, which was purchased by CBS.

5 The Pilots he was in did not always succeed

Even when Jim Parsons got the role for an audition, many times the TV pilot wasn’t able to find a network to work with them.

6 He was very determined to succeed in Hollywood

Jim Parsons himself said that he had auditioned for about 15-20 roles for television series.

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7 He was in a Quiznos commercial

Jim Parsons was in a 2003 Quiznos commercial, in which he plays a savage guy raised by wolves.

8. He starred in some Off-Broadway Shows

Jim Parsons moved to New York City, where he starred in off-Broadway productions, with a few TV roles here and there.

9 Texas is close to his heart

Jim Parsons was born in Houston, Texas and spent his upbringing in the Texas town of Spring.

10. You can call him James or Jim.

Jim Parson’s full name is actually James Joseph Parsons, but he mostly goes by the name “Jim.”

11 He almost wasn’t cast in college theater productions

His college theater instructor was actually hesitant about casting Jim in school productions because he wasn’t sure that Jim would fit into classical theater. Jim also appeared on Who Do You Think You Are? 

Video:Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory

Jim talks about coming back for season 11 of ‘Big Bang Theory,’ reveals what it has been like working on the show for so long, and describes the bond he has created with 9-year-old ‘Young Sheldon’ star Iain Ermitage.

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