John Cena Facts Even His Fans Don’t Know About!

John Cena Facts

John Cena has become the face of today’s WWE. He rocketed to quick success as a wrestler and now has transitioned into a Hollywood actor that was most recently featured in the newest Fast and the Furious film. He has been in the public eye quite a bit, but there are also many things people do not know about him.

Here are a few little known John Cena facts:

1 His initial UPW persona, The Prototype, was a gimmicky half man half robot with cheesy one-liners.

2 He once suffered a messy and embarrassing bout of food poisoning in the middle of a match, causing him to diarrhea on himself.

3 His messy divorce with Elizabeth Huberdeau threw a wrench in his career and was widely publicized.

4 He left Massachusetts with only $500, trying to make it in California as a bodybuilder.

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5 It only took Cena a year to earn a WWE developmental contract in 2001 after being persuaded to give wrestling a try in 2000.

6 Cena was the first to defeat Samoan WWE wrestler Edward “Umaga” Fatu in 2007.

7 Cena earns an annual salary of $5 million and his net worth is around $35 million as of 2015.

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8 He has the same WrestleMania win-loss record as Hulk Hogan, one of his childhood favorites.

9 He was a football star, earning Division III All-American honors as an offensive lineman and a team captain nomination.

10 He studied exercise physiology at the Springfield College in Massachusetts.

11 Cena’s love for anime was also documented in his Men’s Fitness article in 2009. It’s a bit of a nerdy side to Cena that fans don’t often get a glimpse of, but Cena goes on to say his favorite anime movie of all time is Fist of the North Star.

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