10 Sensational John Lennon Facts That Are Super Fascinating

This famous Beatles member was known for his outlooks on peace and contributions both to the world of music and the realm of social progress. While Lennon was tragically assassinated, his memory continues to live through his continuing fan base. Here are our favorite little known John Lennon facts:

1 Lennon was an avid writer of poetry and short stories alongside his songs; he has three published works to his name.

2 Lennon and Paul McCartney’s historic music relationship first began at a church event in 1957; Lennon asked McCartney to join his band the Quarry Men.

3 Lennon and Yoko Ono refused to leave their bed in the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam for two weeks as a form of a sit-in protest in order to protest the Vietnam War.

4 Lennon did not particularly enjoy the sound of his own voice, asking George Martin to mask it many times over his career.

5 In 1966, he found himself in hot water after stating that the Beatles had grown more popular than Jesus Christ.

6 His last public appearance was with Elton John in 1974 at Madison Square Gardens.

7 Lennon once claimed to have seen a flying saucer hovering over his balcony in 1974.

8 He was close with his mother, and was devastated when a car struck and killed her in 1958.

9 The first Beatles recording ever was of Buddy Holly’s “That’ll Be the Day.”

10 Lennon was raised by his aunt named Mimi, who famously tried to dissuade him from a rock star career.

11 After a five year music hiatus, an unexpected song inspired Lennon to return to music. The B-52s’ “Rock Lobster” was once overheard by Lennon, who noted the similarity to Yoko Ono’s style. The encounter inspired him to get back into the music scene, and constantly listened to the B-52s from that point onward.

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The Troubled Beatle – John Lennon Biography

This short biography is excellent. It gives you a quick overview of John’s boyish smile, rebellious hairstyle, and his lilting Liverpudlian accent. John Lennon’s genius extended beyond music, to wordplay and visual arts. While he excited and inspired teens, he frightened parents and pastors, and was a target of the Nixon-era FBI.

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