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Fascinating June Facts That Will Surprise You

facts about June

June is the 6th month of the year, parading as the first month of summer for the northern hemisphere. While we are preparing for beach parties and breezy evenings, the southern hemisphere is preparing for the winter season. As our days get longer, their days start to shorten.

No matter the season, June is special to all humans as it marks the end of a half-year. People evaluate their yearly resolutions and figure out how to proceed with the rest of the year. While it usually brings anxiety and stress to most of us, June has some cool facts you may not be aware of.

Let’s take a look at these June facts and learn some surprising historical things about my favorite month!

Learn Some June Facts

1. It Wasn’t Always the 6th Month

June is the month we all associate with mid-year. However, it was the fourth month of the year when there were only ten months in a year.

When Julius Caesar became the most powerful person on the planet, he changed the calendar year by adding two more months, January and February. His Julian calendar then shifted June from the 4th to the 6th position on the calendar.

2. There’s More to the Name “June” Than We Know

June is the name we associate with the 6th month on the calendar, but the word’s meaning and origin have some fascinating theories attached to it. The modern word derives from Junius, a Latin word from the time of ancient Romans. However, that’s not the only origin story of the word June.

Some say that that month was named after the goddess of marriage, Juno. Others claim that the name originated from “iuniores”, a Latin word that means ‘younger ones.’ There’s another theory stating that Lucius Junius Brutus is the one whose name is the source for “June.” He was the founder of the Roman Republic.

Anglo-Saxons had a unique name for June. They’d call it sera monath, which means “dry month.”

3. The Importance of June 21st

The month of June has equal importance in both hemispheres. The fascinating thing is that June 21st is the longest day for one hemisphere and the shortest for the other. It becomes the longest for the northern hemisphere and the shortest for the southern.

For the northern hemisphere, June is celebrated as Summer Solstice, the day with the most daylight hours. On the other hand, it’s not celebrated in the southern hemisphere. It announces the arrival of winter and has the least daylight hours of the year.

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4. The Month of Gemini and Cancer Star Signs

Those born in June have Gemini or Cancer as their star sign. If you are born in June before the 20th, you will be a Gemini with a passionate and adaptable personality. If you are born after the 20th, you will be a Cancerian with emotional depth and loyalty towards friends.

red roses representing June

5. The Birth Flowers of June are Honeysuckle and Roses

Just like two star signs rule the month of June, two birth flowers make it a unique month. June is the month for hopeless romantics, especially if they are fond of flowers. Roses and Honeysuckle are the two flowers of June, and while they have different appearances, the two flowers symbolize the same thing—love.

Roses are the universal symbol of love, romance, and passion. Anywhere you go, people give red roses to show their affection and depth of feelings towards their partner. If your partner was born in June, go with a bunch of roses for their birthday, they’d be delighted! Honeysuckles are equally important for the month of June as they signify pure happiness and affection.

6. It’s a Month of Celebration for Americans

June is the month of the Stonewall Riots that took place in 1969. They were spontaneous riots started by the LGBTQI+ community against the unlawful raid by police officers during the early hours of June 28th. June is now celebrated as Pride Month across the United States.

While the commemoration started as the celebration of freedom, it now represents diversity and liberation from gender roles. National Oceans Month and Great Outdoors Month are also part of the June celebrations.

7. June Was Once Considered a Bad Time for Marriage

Nowadays, June is one of the best months for marriages. The weather is moderate, not too hot for an outdoor reception or a beach wedding. Yet, it wasn’t always a practical month for marriages. In fact, Romans were against getting married in June.

It’s said that ancient Romans did not hold any marriages from mid-May to mid-June. Ovid was a Roman poet who once asked the high priestess of Jupiter about his daughter’s marriage. He wanted to hold the celebrations at a blessed time, but the high priestess told him not to hold the marriage before June 15th. So, the ancient Romans avoided holding weddings during this period.

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Pearl - the birthstone of June

8. June has Three Birthstones

Unlike many months with one or two birthstones, June has three: Moonstone, Alexandrite, and Pearl. Moonstones are the stones of good luck, love, and passion. Alexandrite is for good health and longevity. Pearl signifies faith and purity. While all three stones are important, a pearl is considered the ideal birthstone for people born in June.

9. No Other Month Starts on the Same Day as June

It has something to do with math stuff, which will probably seem boring to you. The fact is that no other month starts on the same weekday as June. Take 2022, for example; June 1st was on Wednesday. This day of the week was reserved for June. The remaining 11 months would start on any day but Wednesday. It has to be the most fascinating fact about June!

10. The Month Brings Celebrities and Nobel Prize Winners to Earth

People born in June are more likely to win a Nobel Prize or become a millionaire/billionaire celebrity. Elon Musk, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande are some famous people born in June. This month’s babies also have a higher chance of winning a Nobel prize. Geminis born in June are more likely to win a Nobel prize than Cancerians.

11. June Babies Are Optimistic People

While we can tell that June babies are optimistic by observing their personalities, science actually proves they are less likely to get affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder. Summer babies of June, July, and August are immune to the mood-affecting disorder. They remain optimistic, according to a study conducted on personality and birth seasons.

12. June Has a Unique Full Moon and

Strawberry Full Moon is the name of the celestial body associated with the month of June. It’s named after the fruit that grows during this time of the year. While the moon will not look different from other full moons, the fact that it’s June’s full moon somehow makes it special!

Full Moon in June

13. Wimbledon Fans Wait for June

Tennis fans have June marked as the most exciting and anticipated month of the year on their calendars. If you are an avid tennis fan, you know what we are talking about.

Wimbledon attracts millions of fans every year to the most prestigious tennis tournament in June. The sport has more celebrity fans than regular fans, and some people simply watch the tournament to take a peek at their favorite celebrities.

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14. More Days for Celebrations

Besides the month-long celebrations, June also features some interesting days celebrated across the globe. June 1st is International Children’s Day, June 2nd is National Rocky Road Day for Americans, followed by National Chocolate Macaroon Day on June 3rd.

Chocolate Ice Cream Day is celebrated on June 7th, and National Iced Tea Day is celebrated on June 10th. We can also say that June is the month for foodies in the United States!

15. Flag Days for Some Countries

Some countries celebrate their flag days in the month of June, and the United States is one of them. Sweden has June 6th reserved for the celebration of flag day. The United States has June 14th, and Denmark has June 15th.

Top 10 Unknown Facts about People Born in June

Watch this video for ten interesting and unknown facts about the people who are born in the month of June. You should know these facts, especially if your birth month is June.


June is a cause for celebration for Summer Solstice, National Chocolate Ice-Cream Day, National Oceans Day, and Pride month, among other events. The importance of this month is evident in the June facts we’ve shared with you today. It is represented by some of the most prominent birthstones, flowers, and celebrities!

If you were born in June, we hope you learned some new things to share with your friends or family.

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