Fun Jurassic Park Movie Facts

Jurassic Park Movie Facts

The Jurassic Park film series is one of the most popular American movie franchises that centers on the disaster of setting up a theme park of cloned dinosaurs. The movie is based on the novel written by Michael Crichton. The franchise began in 1993 when Jurassic Park was released.

Facts about Jurassic Park movies

1 The Velociraptor is the most famous dinosaur species featured in all four films. Interestingly enough, the dinosaurs in all four films are not really Velociraptors as they are very tiny dinosaurs. What the movie featured is Deinonychus which they did not use because the name is quite difficult to pronounce.

2 Richard Attenborough wanted to return to the fourth movie but he passed away even before filming started. As a tribute, a statue of John Hammond (Attenborough’s character) was featured in Jurassic World.

3 There were several actors who were considered to play the part of Owen Grady and these included Jason Statham, Josh Brolin, Henry Cavill, and Glenn Howerton. Director Colin Trevorrow wanted Josh Brolin as the leading man in the movie. They were the top contenders for the role until Chris Pratt auditioned.

4 Did you know that the fourth movie was already mentioned as early as 2001 but filming was postponed by the now executive producer Steven Spielberg because he was not satisfied with the scripts? Moreover, the death of Michael Crichton in 2008 became a major setback for producing the film.

5 Jurassic Park movie fanatics were disappointed in Jurassic World as the original actors did not even have cameo appearances in the latest movie. However, there is only one actor returning from the first movie and that was Dr. Henry Wu played by B.D. Wong who appeared in the first movie as the head of the scientific team that brought all cloned dinosaurs to life.

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6 The raptors in the fourth film Jurassic World were not computer generated images. They were, in fact, actors donning animatronic dinosaur suits.

7 The two models of T-rex used in The Lost World weighed 9 tons thereby making them difficult to move. The crew had to build the set around the models.

8 In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, there were more dinosaurs involved than the first movie. The reason behind this was that a fan wrote to Spielberg about how he disliked not having too many dinosaurs on the first movie.

9 One of the scenes in Jurassic Park used computer-animated graphics to paste Ariana Richards’ face onto her stunt double after she [stunt double] accidentally looked at the camera. During that time, this feat was quite challenging to achieve.

10 In the first movie “Jurassic Park,” Steven Spielberg cut some of the scenes for budget reasons. The set pieces such as the ones wherein a T-Rex terrorizes a river ride and the scene that involves a pterodactyl were then later incorporated in Jurassic Park III.

Top 10 Jurassic World Facts

Jurassic World is a 2015 American science fiction action film that is the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise and the first in the Jurassic World trilogy. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, alongside Derek Connolly and Trevorrow from a story by Jaffa and Silver, and produced by Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley, the film stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Omar Sy, BD Wong, and Irrfan Khan.

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The movie is set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, and takes place on the same fictional island of Isla Nublar, located off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

In the film, Jurassic World is a succesful theme park of cloned dinosaurs, which has operated on the island for years, bringing John Hammond’s dream to fruition. The park plunges into chaos when a transgenic dinosaur escapes from its enclosure and goes on a rampage, while a conspiracy orchestrated by the park’s staff creates more dangers.

Jurassic Park Film Summary

Currently, there are four movies in the film series to date and all of them have captured the imagination of many movie goers. Now if you think that the fourth movie is the last installment of the series, think again. The producers are now thinking of future films and the next one is slated to be released in 2018.