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10 Incredible Facts about Kane You Never Realized

Kane WWE Facts

Glenn Jacobs, Kane’s real name, has been one of the strongest competitors of WWE over the past twenty years. He is considered as one of the scariest characters in WWE’s history.

Amidst the mask he wears, he is known to be a funny and graceful man. Kane has also taken different movie roles capitalizing on his scary-tough character. Here are more incredible facts about Kane.

Facts about Kane the WWE Wrestler

1 He has also appeared on a Chef Boyardee commercial, a pasta company, in which he attempts to consume food while wearing his mask.

2 Kane took on a role on the hit television series Smallville. He appeared on the episode “Combat” as Titan alongside former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro.

3 The Undertaker is not Kane’s real brother as portrayed in WWE’s ‘The Brothers of Destruction’ storyline.

4 Kane has no plans to retire from WWE. In a 2014 interview, Kane stated, “I’m good with WWE as long as I’m having fun and as long as that I’m performing at a level that is acceptable to me”

5 Kane is a libertarian activist. His disappointment with the two-party system in the United States forced him into libertarianism.

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6 He has an English literature degree from the Northeast Missouri State University, which he used as a substitute teacher in the St. Louis, Missouri area where he taught third grade students.

7 The rogue Biblical character Cain inspired Glenn Jacobs to take on “Kane” as his stage name.

8 Kane owns an insurance agency known as The Jacob’s Agency located at Tennessee together with his wife. They have been working together for years and have built a successful company, which shows his other side outside of the ring.

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9 Kane was trained by Dean Malenko who is largely seen as one of the best grapplers in the league.

10 For two decades, Kane has been a constant icon on WWF/E and has won 18 total championships during his WWF/E career.

11 Best Family…Values?

Kane received an award in 2010 for Best Family Values, which is a bit ironic considering the character he portrays in WWE. He is considered to be an intelligent and friendly person outside the ring. He has also won Worst Feud of the Year Award seven times.

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Kane’s Greatest Returns toWWE

Few Superstars know how to make their presence felt like The Devil’s Favorite Demon. Count down 10 of Kane’s greatest returns to the squared circle.

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Image Credit: Simon Q from United Kingdom, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons