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10 Interesting Things about Kateri Dion

Kateri Dion facts

Social media has given us a number of stars, influencers and content creators especially on the glamour modeling stage. Some of the biggest names today including Justin Bieber, Roman Atwood, Brittany Furlan and Alex Lee rose to prominence solely through the power of social media. Today, this influence remains stronger than ever and Kateri Dion is another example of a budding star on Instagram.

Kateri Dion is a beautiful and elegant blogger, celebrity author, Instagram model and social media personality. She has openly stated that her passions lie in style, fashion, nutrition, fitness and beauty. She has pursued these fields through both her academic as well as professional careers sharing the same with her followers on various digital platforms.

Intrigued? Want to learn more about Kateri Dion?

Here are 10 interesting facts we found out about her:

1. Kateri Dion is another Instagram influenced fame story

Kateri Dion rose to prominence when she gained 90,000 followers on Instagram based on her posts as a health blogger and glamour model. Her following has since grown immensely allowing her to land projects with some of the top modeling agencies in the world while traveling the world pursuing what she loves.

2. Her Zodiac Sign is Cancer

The famous model was born on July 2nd 1998 in the United States. Her parents are Robert and Kimberly Dion with nothing much besides this known about them. Kateri graduated from Lincoln-Way Central High School in New Lennox. She has stated that her interest in health and fitness began during high school when she was offered her first modeling contract.

3. She has a blog where she posts about fashion, beauty, and fitness

Kateri Dion has a self-titled blog where she posts extensively about the topics that inspire her. Her posts revolve around the experiences she has accumulated over the years through diets, workouts, and professional commitments. In her website bio she states: “I want to share my tips to getting a healthy body and skin.”

4. Her relationship with Nyjah Huston made headlines in tinsel town

One of the factors behind Kateri’s fame is her relationship with professional and one of the world’s highest paid skateboarders Nyjah Huston. The champion of competition series in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019 made his relationship with Kateri public in 2017 although they might have been dating even before that. The couple dated for almost two years before eventually breaking up. Kateri is now in a relationship with Dominic Nora.

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5. She has accumulated nearly 180K followers and counting on Instagram

At the time of publishing this article, Kateri had 178K followers on her Instagram with the numbers constantly rising. She has a colorful profile where she posts glimpses of her life when travelling, modeling or undertaking other endeavors. Her Instagram bio states that she is based in LA and works with two famous modeling agencies at present.

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6. Kateri has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition

Kateri took her interest towards health, nutrition, and fitness to an academic level by enrolling herself at Purdue University’s Nutrition and Health Sciences program. Her website bio reveals that she is currently enrolled in the program while on Instagram she has tagged herself as a ‘Bachelors’ hinting that the degree has been completed by now.

7. She has worked with renowned modeling agencies like Select Models and Noties Models

Kateri continues to feature as one of the most highly rated models while working with agencies like Select Models Miami and Chicago as well as Noties Models. She has a stunning body along with a smile and fashion sense that has made her the crush of thousands of people around the world. Her focus on maintaining her physique makes her desirable as a model for different platforms.

8. She has been rumored to have dated a girl named Madison Louch

Although Kateri’s sexual orientation is believed to be straight, she was once rumored to be dating South African singer and DJ, Madison Louch. The relationship reportedly didn’t work out. The timeline of when Kateri was in this relationship remains unclear and information on the internet about this is also scarce.

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9. She was scouted for modeling during her sophomore year

We know through her website that Kateri was first scouted for a modeling role during her sophomore year and her interest in the fields of nutrition and fitness has grown ever since. She believes in following a healthy lifestyle and states that this enables her to bring out the best version of herself. These are fascinating concepts which Kateri shares with her followers.

10.  Her diet and workout regime is inspiring and she shares a lot about it

Kateri Dion works out 6 times a week and maintains a healthy dietary balance. According to the bio on her website, Kateri states; “As a model it is important to live a healthy lifestyle because you are constantly in front of a camera so you could say that modeling started my love for health foods and the gym.”

Kateri Dion Top 5 Core Workouts!

Get a firsthand view on how Kateri trains and maintains her strong core with this video that details 5 of her top core workouts.


Kateri Dion has risen to fame with Instagram collecting close to 200K followers on the platform. She is still in the early stages of her career and continues to grow in fields where she has a passion. It is to be seen what she achieves now.

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