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From Overweight and Bullied To Popstar! – Here Is What You Don’t Know About Katja Glieson

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There isn’t much that Australian recording artist, Katja Glieson hasn’t accomplished. From releasing a hit song without the backing of uber expensive studios to a social media follow that is several millions strong, the aspiring song bird has it made.

Katja is known for the collaborative approach that she takes for her content and her elfish and elegant looks. She is known for her work not only on Tik Tok, but also SnapChat and other social media platforms.

Top Amazing Facts About Katja Glieson

1. She Is The Daughter Of German Immigrants

Katja’s real name is Katja-Angelique Glieson which is understandbale since her parents are German immigrants. The whole family moved to Melbourne, Australia when she was quite young.

2. She Moved Out To Pursue A Career In Music

Passionate about music, Katja refused to let society’s expectations hold her back. While she loved her family, she made the difficult decision to move away from them to pursue a career in music. Without support, she had to take care of her own bills and that meant taking on not one, but three jobs. Her hard work paid off. With the money she managed to save, she move to Los Angeles to live out her dreams.

3. She Was Bullied

You wouldn’t know by looking at her now, but Katja used to be quite overweight and shy in her teens, both which made her a prime target for bullies. At one point, her weight crossed 200 pounds when she was in elementary school.

There were days when she would just sit on the couch, watch television and eat junk food. All of that changed when she made a conscious decision to follow her dream to pursue music. She studied health, became a vegan and started a rigorous exercise regime. Music was her escape and singing gave her a positive outlet.

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After she lost weight and became a successful recording artist, she realized that the bullies she used to be afraid of had unresolved issues themselves. The realization freed her from negative thoughts and made her refocus on herself and become more positive.

4. She Has Released Seven Songs To Date

So far, Katja Glieson has released seven songs called:

  • Ride the Wave.
  • I Would Kill.
  • Me Then U.
  • The ones like me.
  • Come thru.
  • Picky
  • Black Widow which is a cover of the original song by Iggy Azalea.

5. She Has Won Several Awards for Her Music

Katja has won several awards for her groundbreaking music. This includes Charting Video and Gold Award, an award for Original Video and Song and was also listed as one of the top 100 artists of 2014. Additionally, she was also nominated for Most Creative Music Video World Music at the 2014 World Music and Independent Film Festival.

6. She Had Her Big Break through YouTube

Katja got the opportunity to perform on the main stages of LA Pride, Phoenix Pride and other stages but it was her Princess Rap Battle on YouTube that made her reputation take off. The rap battle was supposed to be a fun project, but it became viral online so fast that it propelled her career to new heights.

7. Her Music Has A Healing Quality For A Reason  

As mentioned before, Katja Glieson was bullied as a child and also suffered from body image issues. Music healed her and she uses it as a platform to help others who may be going through similar traumas. According to an interview she did with, she revealed she just wants people to know that they are not alone and music can help them see in the darkest times of their lives.

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8. She Used To Sing In Salad Bowls

As a shy teen, Katja did not like showcasing her musical talent to others. Lacking a studio where she could practice alone and to her heart’s content, she would often sing in a corner right into a salad bowl because of the great acoustics and because it didn’t cost her a cent to do so. The practice allowed her to improve her singing in a completely non-judgmental environment.

The Princess Rap Battle That Led to Katja’s Happily Ever After

Who would have thought that a rap battle between two Disney princesses would go viral in a matter of days? This amazing collaboration between Katja Glieson and Whitney Avalon made waves with music fans across the globe and made the former a household name.

Summary of Katja Glieson

Katja Glieson has overcome obstacles in her life that may derail anyone else who was in her shoes. Battling body image issues and bullying, she proved that the only person who is standing in the way of personal progress is ourselves. You can find her content in almost every social media platform out there but her best work can be found on YouTube on her personal channel.

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