15 Fun Things About Model Kendel Kay

A rising Instagram model, Kendel Key is going from strength to strength. The hazel-eyed blonde started off early and soon garnered attention and fame as a teenager. Through her photogenic looks and unique take on fitness, Kendel Kay regularly gets endorsement deals from major fashion outlets. The California-based model is said to be one of the most popular social media celebrities in the world and has appeared on various magazine covers.

Through her infectious charm and personality, she infuses elegance and freshness into the world of fashion. It comes as no surprise that she is considered to be a promising supermodel with incredible potential.

We’ve narrowed down our pick of the most interesting facts you (most probably) didn’t know about Kendel Kay.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Kendel Kay

1. Kendel Kay’s Social Media Presence is Growing Rapidly

Kendel Kay has over 426,000 followers on Instagram. She publishes posts wearing unique accessories and clothes. Most of these posts are brand deals.

2. Kendel Kay’s Talent Started at a Young Age

Kendel Kay was born to be a star. As seen in her earliest Instagram posts, the popular fitness model was already getting attention from brands since her teenage years. She was able to capitalize on her growing popularity to derive revenue from multiple income streams including advertisements (mostly on Instagram), brand deals, and selling her own merchandise.

3. Kendel Kay Also Sells Clothes She has Barely Worn

Kendel Kay maintains a second Instagram account with 177 followers. Kay has kept the account private but uses it to sell her clothes, shoes, and accessories that she barely wore to buyers in the United States.

4. Has Kendel Kay Ever Acted Before?

According to our research, Kendel Kay has never acted before, unless you consider her Instagram videos to be a form of filmography.

5. Who is Kendel Kay Dating?

Kendel Kay is very tight lipped about her relationship status and hasn’t disclosed who she is currently dating. However, she has previously dated Owen Jack. It is implied that she is currently dating Luke Lintz, but this could be a collaboration.

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6.  Where Does Kendel Kay Live?

Kendel’s role as a popular model means that she is constantly traveling around the world. However, she mostly lives in her hometown in California.

7. Kendel Kay also has a Twitter Account

Kendel Kay has a popular Twitter account with over 161,000 followers. The content she posts on Twitter is very similar to the one posted on Instagram and includes photoshoots in swimsuits, bikinis, and lingerie.

8. Does Kendel Kay Have a YouTube Account?

It is unclear if Kendel Kay has a YouTube account or not. However, we found a link that may belong to the fitness model. The channel currently has no activity with 562 subscribers (at the time of writing) and no playlists. This YouTube channel was created on June 2, 2019, but has mostly stayed dormant with no activity whatsoever. It is more than likely that Kay is too preoccupied with her social media handles to focus on her YouTube channel.

With that said, Kendel Kay’s work has been featured on numerous YouTube channels such as Lindsay Brewer, Swapmoto Live, and Ernie & Fiona Weddings.

9. Kendel Kay has a Viral TikTok Account

Kendel Kay has a popular TikTok account with 388.2k followers. She posts comedy skits, fashion advice, tutorials, fitness videos. Kay has a total of 1.9 million likes on TikTok. Kay has also collaborated with fellow celebrities like Luke Lintz and KT Lordahl. At the time of writing, Kay has published about 82 videos on her Tik Tok account. Her most popular videos have fetched over 68,000 likes from fans.  

10. Kendel Kay Can be Reached Via Email

Kendel Kay has an email address that allows you to send business proposals. She can be reached via [email protected].

11. Kendel Kay’s IG Account is At Least 10 Years Old

Kendel Kay’s IG account is at least 10 years old based on her oldest upload on February 12, 2012. However, the account could be older than that.

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12. Kendel Kay Has Numerous Brand Deals

Kendel Kay is frequently contacted by brands from around the world to endorse its products. Some of these brands include Shop Eye Candy Swim, The Odderside, Baby Turns Blue, and Kulani Kinis, among others.

13. Does Kendel Kay Have an OnlyFans Account?

Kendel Kay has an OnlyFans account with subscriptions starting at around $20 per month. Interested users can get 10% off for purchasing a subscription for 3 months for a total of $54. Users can also purchase subscriptions for 6 months (for $84) and 12 months (for $120).

At the time of writing, Kendel Kay has posted about 203 media and 166 posts. The content is hidden behind a paywall and interested users will have to purchase the subscription to discover the posts. Click here to visit Kendel Kay’s OnlyFans account.

14. Kendel is a Plant-Based Model

According to Kendel’s IG bio, she is a plant-based vegan model. She ditched meat in favor of a plant-based diet. According to plant-based health enthusiasts, switching to an all-vegan diet is a great way of staying lean all year round. This explains why Kendel Kay is able to stay healthy throughout the year.

Kendel Kay – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Kendel Kay’s Eye and Hail Color?

Kendel Kay has green eyes and her hair is blonde.

How Tall is Kendel Kay?

Kendel Kay is 5 feet 4 inches tall or about 162 cm. Though her morning height after waking up could be around 5 feet 5 (because the spine stretches several centimeters when we sleep).

What is Kendel Kay’s Weight?

In order to stay slender year-round, Kendel Kay undergoes a rigorous fitness regime and a diet of low-carb foods. Due to her efforts to stay lean, Kay weighs about 53 kg.  

When Was Kendel Kay Born?

Kendel Key was born on March 21, 1997. This makes her 24 years old at the time of writing and will soon turn 25 years old this March.  

What is Kendel Kay’s Religion?

It is unclear what religion Kendel Kay follows. However, based on numerous sources, we believe that Kay is a Christian.

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Where is Kendel Kay From?

Kendel Kay was born in California, United States. She started her Instagram account at a very early age in 2012.

What is Kendel Kay’s Net Worth?

It is hard to accurately quantify Kendel Kay’s net worth but one can assume based on her Instagram followers and brand deals that she is worth around $500,000.

Day in My Life: Laguna Beach with Kendel Kay

Kendel Kay makes a guest appearance on Lindsay Brewer’s YouTube channel. The two go on an adventure around Laguna Beach. They visit nearby stores, try new outfits, walk the beach, have lunch, and take some photos.  Follow them on Instagram at @lindsaymariebrewer and @kendelkay!


So there you have it! 15 interesting facts about the stunning yet humble Kendel Kay. From what we can see, she is a regular girl living an extraordinary life. Kendel Kay is a successful model who has regularly engaged in fashion shows, shootings, and a bit of acting too.

What are the most interesting facts about Kendel Kay? Let us know by sending in your comments.

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