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Surprising Kenny Rogers Facts You’ll Want to Tell Everyone

Kenny Rogers Facts

Any music lover can tell you that Kenny Rogers is one of the most iconic musicians out there. With a musical career spanning nearly 60 years, he is a true treasure. So here are 10 surprising Kenny Rogers facts you’ll want to tell everyone. From his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to his controversial brush with cosmetic surgery, he sure is one interesting singer.

Plus, Kenny can mold his raspy voice to the sounds of many different music genres. Whether he is acting on stage, working behind the camera, singing in the studio, or just sitting at home, he’s a legend. He was even a racecar driver (albeit in a Hollywood film!)

Surprising Facts about Kenny Rogers

1 Good Country Cookin’

As an older gentleman, he was a fried chicken franchisee.

2 Well, What About Writing?

Of course, Kenny penned some books (he wrote tomes on photography.)

3 Moving on to Movies

In the 1980s, Kenny began acting in film, which wasn’t as successful as singing.

4 The 1980s Shook Him Up

Older, heavier, and struggling to remain relevant, Kenny was almost wrote off as a has-been.

5 Smokin’ Hot Seventies

In the 1970s, Kenny’s musical career was off the charts…and on them as well.

6 A True Country Gentleman

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Kenny became a household name in his hometown and eventually nationwide.

7 Music and Television

Kenny performed with “First Edition,” and the group even had a TV series for a time.

8 In Fact, He was a “Scholar”

As a teenager, Kenny performed with “The Scholars,” a doo-wop music group.

9 What an Honor

Young Kenny was the first of his siblings to graduate from high school.

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10 He was the Middle-Man

Actually, he was the fourth child in a family of 8 kids.

11 Still Singing as a Senior Citizen

Even as a senior citizen, the singer was still belting out hits and releasing records. He was also a horse-lover at heart, and had a farm with Arabian breeds.

Video: Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

What better way to spend the next few minutes than watching Kenny’s most popular song and video ever! Here it is – the original “Gambler”

Image Credit: University of Houston Digital Library, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons