10 Scary King Cobra Facts You Never Knew

The King Cobra can be found among the rain forests of India, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Besides inhabiting the forests, king cobra snakes also populate the grasslands of the Malay Islands. This serpent is definitely king of the snakes, and even eats of snake species for fuel.

Small critters like lizards also make up a king cobra’s diet. Scary, right? Well, you can learn more with our list of 10 Scary King Cobra Facts You Never Knew. For instance, did you know that the king cobra snake can be as long as a giraffe? That’s a whopping 18 feet!

Cobra Facts

1 Search High and Low

King Cobra snakes can be found under rocks, in trees, and beneath the ground.

2 Small but Powerful

The venomous fangs of the King Cobra snake are quite small.

3 A Large Family

There are 270 different varieties of Cobra snakes.

4 Charming Snakes

King Cobras are the epitome of the snake charming snake because they can lift their heads up high.

5 Mothers Care For Their Eggs

Despite leaving the babies once they hatch, King Cobra mothers relentlessly protect their eggs.

6 Venomous and Vocal

King Cobra snakes release a deep hiss to scare predators.

7 Heightened Sense of Fear

The King Cobra’s hood helps them to look larger to threaten enemies.

8 They Live the Hood Life

King Cobra snakes have a “hood” that is made of ribs and neck muscles.

9 Watch Out, They’re Poisonous!

King Cobra snakes are the largest poisonous snakes on Earth.

10 Independent Creatures

King Cobra snakes are on their own from the moment they’re born.

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11 They are good swimmers and climbers

They can not only climb very well, but they are very strong swimmers, too. This cannibalistic Cobra snake is no laughing matter and they will even fight against a Mongoose!

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Video: Cobra vs. Mongoose

This video from National Geographic is amazing. It has over 90 MILLION VIEWS – that is a sign of how fascinating it is to watch.

How does a mongoose stand up to a cobra? You might be surprised at the outcome.

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