Labrador Retriever Facts That Will Make You Want One!

Labrador Retriever Facts

The Labrador retriever is a useful working dog and a friendly companion to boot. In the past, Labrador retrievers were the helpers of fishermen by retrieving fish, fetching ropes, and hauling nets in the cold North Atlantic. Nowadays, Labrador retrievers have evolved to cover jobs such as a search and rescue dog, show competitor, assist handicaps, and as a retriever for hunters.

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1 They don’t like to be left alone too much, and when they get lonely, they can bark or dig too much.

2 Labrador retrievers have double coats that they shed seasonally.

3 Did you know that a lab was sent to prison for killing a Pennsylvania governor’s pet cat? Yep, it is true, and he served 10 years of jail time before dying.

4 This dog breed is prone to elbow and hip dysplasia.

5 Labradors are waterproof and have webbed toes that also act as snowshoes.

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6 Labs are America’s favorite dog breed.

7 Labs tail is quite similar to an otter’s.

8 These dog breed nearly went extinct in the 1880s when the government of Newfoundland had an edict of only one dog per household and taxes were to be paid per dog, while female dogs were taxed more.

9 Labrador retrievers are great sprinters and can quickly hit 12 mph within 3 seconds.

10 Labrador retrievers are incessant food lovers and can quickly become obese. They love foraging in the garbage and even eat chewed up toys.

11 The Labrador retriever originated from Newfoundland and not from Labrador. Its breed originated with the name St. John’s dog in the 1700s until eventually it was renamed by a certain Earl of England, who called his new pups as Labrador dogs after summarily lumping Newfoundland with Labrador. In contrast, there are stories that point out that these dogs often swim in the Labrador Sea, and thus the name Labrador.

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LABRADOR RETRIEVER – ALL About This Popular Breed

The Labrador Retriever is, without doubt, one of the most appreciated and beloved breeds in the world. They are so well loved thanks to their appearance, remarkable intelligence and balanced character. These features along with their storied history as an assistance and working dog help us to see why they are so popular.

Are you considering adopting the Labrador Retriever as part of your family? If so, you will need to know everything about their care, temperament, health and more. Fortunately, this AnimalWised video on the character, characteristics and care of the Labrador Retriever is here for you

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