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10 Amazing Things to Know About Lady Eliza Manners

lady eliza manners facts

The British peerage system is a legal chain that comprises both hereditary and lifetime titles of various noble ranks that enjoy lavish lives mostly in castles situated in the English countryside. Lady Eliza Manners belongs to one of these families and the titles that she, her parents and siblings enjoy allow them to lead extremely fascinating lives. The results of this fame and fortune can be diverse. Lady Eliza Manners is a prime example of flaunting the privileges that come with her title and stature.

Daughter of David Charles Robert Manners, Lady Eliza Manners is a famed English socialite, singer and interior designer. She along with her family are well educated members of the royal honorary system that is in place in the UK. Her life can put many people to shame as it reflects luxuries that most people can only dream of. Still, despite having displayed outlandish behavior at times, she is also using her status to good use by participating in a variety of social activities.

Surprising Facts You Ought to Know About Lady Eliza Manners

1. She is the daughter of the 11th Duke of Rutland

Lady Eliza Manners’ father, David Manners, is the 11th Duke of Rutland. Rutland is a country in the East Midlands of England whose current lineage system began in 1703 and the official title of Marquis/Marquess of Granby is held by one of Lady Eliza’s brothers.

2. She is part of a star studded and influential family  

Lady Eliza Manners is one of four siblings. Her sisters Lady Violet and Lady Alice are her usual partners in crime and the three are notoriously famous for their loud parties in the neighborhood. They are often seen together attending lavish gatherings and modeling events around the world.

Her younger brothers are Charles Manners, Marquess of Granby and Lord Hugo Manners. Together, the family enjoys significant perks that come with the titles that they adorn.

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3. Lady Eliza Manners leads a lavish lifestyle

Being a royal title holder, Lady Eliza Manners and her family live in the Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire which has been in the lineage for them since 1067. The castle is the ancestral home of the Rutland’s and features a sprawling 15,000-acre compound that has a unique, ancient architecture.

The place is a sight to behold both on the inside and outside. With beautiful gardens spread across the vast countryside, it is nothing short of a dream adobe.

4. She is studying Business Management at Newcastle University

Lady Eliza Manners went to the Queen Margaret’s School in York. She and her brother then went on to attend Newcastle University where Lady Eliza chose Business Management as her field of specialization.

Her business degree falls in line with the interior design business that she owns in London providing exclusive services to a diverse clientele around the country.

5. Her hobbies including sporty and outdoorsy activities

Lady Eliza’s love for horseback riding is evident from her Instagram where she continuously shares photos of her taking these magnificent animals for a stroll along the mesmerizing countryside.

Her other hobbies include adrenaline-fueled activities like skiing with pictures of her countless activities widely available on her social media handles. The life and vacations she enjoys make a lot of our lives look dull and boring in comparison.

6. Lady Eliza’s 18th birthday bash was featured in Tatler Magazine

Lady Eliza is a royal nonetheless and everything she does gathers attention. It comes as no surprise then that Tatler, a prestigious Conde Nast Publication covering fashion, lifestyle, high society and politics, featured her 18th birthday bash in its issue that month.

The same magazine also nominated Lady Eliza’s brother and the most eligible bachelor in the UK, calling him the ‘breakout boy’. Lady Eliza shared this achievement on her Instagram as well.

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7. She and her sisters have been called the ‘Bad Manners Sisters’

A life of royalty, exclusivity, and lavishness often comes with extravagant parties and outlandish behavior that doesn’t always sit well with the general public. Lady Eliza and her sisters have earned the unfortunate nickname of ‘Bad Manners Sisters’ due to their loud and outrageous parties especially at the posh Fulham flat that they own.

8. The sassy young woman has walked the ramp for some of the biggest global brands

Think what you might but Lady Eliza Manners is one beautiful woman and she knows it. She has therefore had short modeling stints as well but in this time has featured for mainstream brands like Dolce & Gabbana, while also featuring in Vanity Fair and Vogue Japan with her sisters.

She frequently visits fashion shows too and when not modeling, Lady Eliza is often found in the front row at these events that occur around the globe.  

9. And yeah, unfortunately she is taken!

Sorry guys! Not that there was a chance, but Lady Eliza is spoken for. Lady Eliza’s longtime boyfriend Chris often features with her in pictures that she posts on her Instagram. She put up a new year post wishing her followers the blessings for the coming year where she is accompanied by her boyfriend.

10. Even her pet dog is a ‘Lord’ with his own Instagram page

Lady Eliza has a pet pug named Winston. The little guy has his own Instagram page titled Lord Winston Pug. The cute little animal makes frequent appearances on his page as well as on Lady Eliza’s page with the sisters and even her parents. The dog is quite a favorite in the family and with beauty like his, the temptation is hard to resist.

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The Belvoir Castle and the Manners Sisters

Are you intrigued by the life that Lady Eliza Manners and her sisters lead within their castle? Well, here’s a glimpse of that with Tatler UK as the video takes you around the mansion while having a word with the wealthy sisters and looking into the activities they perform on a daily basis.


Lady Eliza Manners belongs to one of the vast royal lineages in the UK and her parents are the Duke and Duchess of Rutland. Her life of extravagant parties runs in line with social work that she performs with her siblings and it has led to her becoming a famous personality within the UK and even abroad.

She is an amazing singer, full-time interior designer and an outdoor activities enthusiast while also having modeled for some time. If you want to learn more about her life, definitely follow her Instagram.

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