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13 Exciting Facts about Lily Easton

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Lily Easton is a popular Australian model and Instagram star represented by many international agencies in Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, California, and Seoul. Little is known about Lily apart from her modeling career. So let’s change that and see what else there is to know about Lily Easton.

Here are some really exciting facts about Lily Easton:

1. Lily Is an Aries

Lily Easton was born on April 4th, 2000. She is a Libra and shares her birthday with Heath Ledger, Robert Downey Jr., Amanda Righetti, and Graham Norton.

2. Lily Is a Professional Fashion and Lingerie Model

Lily Easton is a professional model who has worked with various international brands including Guess.

3. She Grew Up in Gatton

Lily is Australian and she grew up in Gatton, which is a small town in the west of Brisbane, Australia.

4. She Currently Lives in LA

Lily moved to Los Angeles in 2017, a month after graduating from her high school in Australia. She currently lives in LA and moved there to pursue modeling.

5. She Has Three Siblings

Lily is one of the 4 children. She has an elder sister and two older brothers. She is the youngest of them all.

6. She Is Really Close to Her Best Friend

Lily met Maddie, her best friend when she moved to LA through a mutual friend called Laura. She got close to Maddie in 2020 and the two are now inseparable. They only live a few streets away and can be seen with each other all the time. According to Lily, she has a really strong and supportive group of friends who have proved to be a game changer for her after she moved to LA. She is super grateful to have such supportive friends.

7. Lily Loves What She Does

She really enjoys modeling and is super grateful to be in a field that she loves. The most rewarding part about being in the modeling industry for her is that she gets to travel a lot, which she absolutely loves. Also, she loves how everyone in the modeling industry is so passionate. From the makeup artist, stylist, assistant, and the hairstylist to editors and photographers, everyone loves what they do, and they are passionate about showing their individuality and creativity. She loves meeting new and passionate people in the industry.

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8. Lily Does Not Like How Everyone Has Access to Models

According to Lily, models are viewed by thousands of people all the time, which she finds unnatural. So many people look at models and form a positive or negative opinion of them so easily. They are very accessible and are photographed all the time. What’s more is that she doesn’t always like her photographs. Some days, she finds them really good. But other days when those photographs reveal the raw side of her and all of the pores and blemishes are visible, they make her feel insecure.

9. Lily Started Modeling When She Was 15

Lily started modeling when she was only 15 years old. Lily began using Instagram in 2014 and posted modeling photos in 2015. She was scouted by Busy Models in Australia through her Instagram and landed her first job soon afterwards. However, she did not really start working until she was 16 years old. At that age when she was still in school, she used to fly down to Sydney for some modeling gigs but did not do it full time. However, she also moved to LA for some time with her mother in 2016 for a modeling job, after which she realized how much she loved LA and the lifestyle. Her school was very supportive of her modeling journey.

10. Lily Has Very Supportive Parents

Lily’s mother came to LA with her for a modeling job and loved how her daughter was so passionate about it. Both her parents supported her all the way and were very proud of her pursuing the modeling career.

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11. Lily Had Really Bad Anxiety

The model admitted to having anxiety in the last few years. It was because she expected too much from herself, which made her anxious all the time. But in January of 2021, she set a resolution to focus on herself and what makes her happy. She decided to take a step back and live and be present in every moment.

12. She Is Vegan

Lily became vegan a few years ago. The reason why she switched to veganism was because she always feels really connected to animals. She made the switch when she was once driving and saw a truck with cattle next to her car that were going to be slaughtered. She saw how the cattle were sticking the head out of the truck and looked scared. She got emotional and felt like it was really wrong. And that’s when she decided that she would never eat meat. She is also very vocal about climate change and climate preservation.

13. Lily Has a Matching Tattoo with Her Mom and Her Sister

Lily has a matching tattoo of three hearts with her mom and her sister. She also has the postal code of her hometown tattooed on her finger. Lily also has a sweet tattoo that she got with her oldest brother based on the movie, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”.

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Lily Easton is a really sweet model. Our favorite fact about her definitely has to be the one about her tattoos. All of her tattoos have something very sentimental to do about her hometown and her loved ones, which is really sweet. Check out her Instagram to stay connected to her daily life.

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