11 Facts about Lily Weber That You Don’t Know

Lily Weber is a USA-born TikTok and Instagram star. She has been on social media platforms for many years, posting viral videos that her fans and followers love. Lily’s beautiful and charming smile, along with her charismatic personality, significantly contributes to her fame.

Her Instagram pictures and videos always have thousands of likes per post, which shows how much she is adored for her looks and personality.

If you want to know more, here are some fascinating facts about Lily Weber that you will love!

Here are Interesting Facts about Lily Weber

1. TikTok Is Not Her First Social Media Platform

Although Lily Weber got the chance to go viral with her TikTok videos, it’s not the first platform where she uploaded short videos in hopes of getting many likes and followers.

Before TikTok, Lily uploaded her short videos on various social media platforms, including Musical.ly, but failed to gain the huge numbers she expected. Once Musical.ly merged with TikTok, Lily created a new account on TikTok with the username, itslilyw.  

2. The Way She Became a TikTok Star

After creating a new account on TikTok, Lily started uploading lip-sync videos. Given the aesthetics and camera presence, it was only a matter of time before people started liking her.

Ultimately, her followers grew, and the lip-sync videos went viral. Now, she has more than 4 million followers, and the hearts also keep growing, soon to reach 100 million! Even though she is now a TikTok superstar, Lily hasn’t launched her own YouTube channel yet.

3. She Is Among the Top Tier of TikTok Celebrities

Lily’s TikTok is full of amazing dancing videos, lip-syncs, and comedy clips. She has been a dedicated member of the TikTok community for many years, and she got the reward in the form of millions of fans and hearts.

People love her charming personality and sweet smile.

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Her videos are always fun to watch regardless of the content type. She also earned the Precious Badge for her ace comedy on TikTok, and now she has the Muser title.

4. Fashion Brands She Endorses

With the speed at which Lily Weber is gaining fame, we can expect to represent many fashion brands soon. But for now, FashionNova is where her loyalties lie. It’s an American fast fashion company that sells quick-to-market apparel.

The brand offers a range of styles for women, men, and kids. It also has a beauty line. Lily uses her Instagram to endorse FashionNova’s women collection of jeans, dresses, tops, and other items.

5. Her Family and Birthday

Lily Weber was born on December 3, 2001, making her a young woman in her twenties. She is a Sagittarius. As for her home, Lily is from an all-American family, hailing from Maryland.

Although there is not much information about her parents, we know that she has two sisters, Lauren Weber and Julia Weber, and a brother, Eli Weber.

6. She Is the Oldest Triplet

It’s one of the facts that makes her unique to her fans. Lily and her two sisters are triplets, and Lily is the oldest one of them. She occasionally talks about her being a triplet, but it’s not something she focuses on in her videos.

Lily and her sisters, Lauren and Julia, are Sagittarius, but Lily does not believe that their Zodiac sign has anything to do with their personalities. In one of her Live TikTok Q&A sessions, she said that all three have different personalities, even though they are all Sagittarius.  

7. Her School Life

Given Lily’s confidence and charming style in her TikTok videos, one would think she has had a great school life experience with many socializing opportunities.

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However, Lily never got a chance to experience all that. She has been home-schooled her entire life and may have missed out on the opportunity to attend school events, participate in school projects, sports days, and even prom.  

8. The Kind of Guys She Likes

Lily does not disclose much about her dating life on social media platforms. But her fans are interested in knowing more about her personal life. If they ask a question, she honestly replies but refrains from sharing information on her own.

However, when one of her fans asked about what kind of guys she’d like to date, she said that she would prefer a guy who is taller than her. She also said that having a good personality is a plus!

9. Her Merchandise and Official Website

Lily’s life may have changed with TikTok videos; her introduction to fashion brands like FashionNova, and exposure to the Instagram audience have led to her starting her merch store.

She sells her products on Fanjoy; the official website linked in her TikTok bio. If you wish to buy hoodies, phone cases, t-shirts, etc., you can visit her website and check out the goods.

10. One of Her Favorite Bands

Lily has mentioned in her Live Q&A that she loves One Direction, specifically, Harry Styles. She likes the band and their music now, but she loved them more when they were all together.

Lily also shared with her fans that she disliked that Zayn Malik left One Direction without any comments or posts about it. However, she reassured them that she still likes Zayn as he is an incredible artist.

11. Her Favorite Series

Lily loves the Bourne franchise, starring Matt Damon. He plays the role of Jason Bourne, and he is one of the reasons Lily loves this movie series. She thinks that Matt Damon is a beautiful person and great to look at. We can’t argue with her on that! He is among the best actors in Hollywood, and the Bourne series is one of his best works!

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itslilyw TikTok Compilation #1 | 2021 @itslilyw

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She is one of the TikTok stars you would fall in love with instantly. As soon as you watch her videos, you can get captivated by her looks and cute smile. But that’s not the only good thing about her—a young artist is also a down-to-earth person. We hope you loved these facts about Lily Weber and wish her good luck in her future endeavors!

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