Exciting Lion King Facts That Will Make You Feel Old

Lion King Facts

Everyone adores The Lion King. It is still one of the most loved Disney films of all time. So here is our list of 10 Exciting Lion King Facts That Will Make You Feel Old. After all, this movie debuted in 1994.

At the beginning of production, Scar was supposed to be a rival lion unrelated to Mufasa, but he later became the King Lion’s brother. The movie was also dubbed in Zulu to be shown to an African audience. And the writers and animators had lions in the studio – real life lions!

It helped them to get the motions of the characters just right. Read on for more awesome tidbits about The Lion King!

1 Pure Method Acting

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was literally smacked in the back to voice Simba getting pinned by Nala.

2 Jim Cummings Filled in for Scar

Jeremy Irons ruined his voice while recording “Be Prepared.”

3 The Mouse in the Sky

Mickey Mouse can also be seen in the stars when Mufasa tells Simba about the past kings.

4 The Hidden Mouse Ears!

There is a grub wearing Mickey Mouse ears that Timon eats.

5 Osiris-Inspired

The Lion King’s story took inspiration from Shakespeare and Egyptian mythology.

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6 So Much for Teamwork

The film was for Disney’s “B team,” while the “A team” worked on Pocahontas.

7 Scar’s Comrade Shenzi

The name Shenzi is Swahili for “savage” and “barbaric.”

8 Scartastic

Jeremy Irons did such a good job voicing Scar, that the characters bears some resemblance to him.

9 The Wildebeest Stampede

The stampede that killed Mufasa took animators 3 years to create and polish.

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10 Elton John Almost Got Snubbed!

In the original early screening, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” was not included.

11 Have you realized Scar is the only lion whose claws are always bared in the movie?

Elton John was permitted to watch a special screening before the debut. He also won an Academy Award for his contribution of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”

Video: The Lion King in 60 Seconds

Ah this is so much fun – a very quick and fun animated summary of the Lion King. Worth a watch and you will get an awesome recap in a just one minute!

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Image Credit: “Lion King @ Minskoff Theatre on Broadway” by BroadwayTour.net is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0