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Lucy Pinder – 10 Must-Know Facts about the Star of Celebrity Big Brother

Lucy Pinder facts

Lucy Katherine Pinder is a British actress, television personality and former glamor model. Born on 20 December 1983 in Winchester, Hampshire, England, she has slowly risen to prominence appearing not just on the covers of some of the renowned magazines like Nuts and FHM but also starred in numerous leading TV shows and movies since 2004.

Although having given up glamor modeling in 2020, Lucy’s reputation precedes her. She has made it to number 16 of FHM’s Sexiest Women list in the past and continues to dazzle her 199K Instagram followers with sultry photos from time to time.

Find out more interesting facts about this amazing model and actress below:

Top 10 Less-Known Facts about Lucy Pinder

1. Lucy was discovered in 2003 by a freelance photographer in Bournemouth

Lucy Pinder was sunbathing one afternoon on the scenic Bournemouth beach, which is located on the south coast of England, when she was spotted by a self-employed professional photographer. Lucy, along with a group of friends was contemplating setting up her own business in the resort town which also happens to be her hometown. 

2. She has 11 GCSE and 2 A’ Levels

A rare fact about Lucy Pinder is that she was going to study English at her hometown university before pursuing a career in modeling. She took two A’ Level exams in English Literature and Media Studies while also passing 11 GCSEs. She received an A grade in four of them! She was 23 at the time she took her A’ Levels.

3. Lucy has been rumored to be dating Captain America Star Chris Evans

The Daily Mail UK reported that Lucy Pinder was potentially dating Hollywood A-Lister Chris Evans who is famously known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel universe. The two were spotted having a good time in the Disneyland Resort in California on January 15th 2015 with some friends of the model stating that she had been taken by the then 33-year-old Chris Evans. The rumors however turned out to be untrue as Lucy continues her relationship with long-term boyfriend Daniel Hooper.

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4. She has come out as bi-sexual on MySpace

Lucy’s friendship with contemporary Michelle Marsh has been the subject of numerous speculations. After being regularly partnered with Michelle during the early days of her career, many were led to believe that they were more than friends. The fire was further fueled by Lucy listing herself as bi-sexual on her MySpace page.  

5. She has won a publishing contract and writes columns for the ‘Nuts’ magazine

Although she featured on Nuts TV’s Book at Bedtime, Lucy won a unique publishing contract. She was to publish a novel based on the agreement which would be accompanied by a video of her reading it according to the Daily Mail. Lucy was also responsible for a weekly advice column in the famous and now defunct lad’s magazine, Nuts, titled “The Truth about Women”.

6. Lucy made her TV debut in 2004 on Sky TV’s Dream Team

Her first TV appearance was alongside Michelle Marsh on a show called Dream Team on Sky TV where she played herself. The two were shown fetching a birthday cake for one of the players. She has since also featured on the Channel 4 show “Bo! In the USA” and as Bridget on E!’s hit-show “The Royals”. She was part of Season 4 Episode 2 called “Confess Yourself to Heaven”.

7. She had a short cameo in BBC 1’s Hotel Babylon

Lucy was shown enjoying cocktails at a bar in Season 3, Episode 1 of Hotel Babylon, a BBC 1 production, in February 2008. She once again featured with Michelle Marsh who has been her constant companion throughout her modeling years. She also starred in BBC 3’s The Real Hustle Undercover, a factual entertainment series where magic tricks, distraction scams and proposition bets are performed on members of the public by its hosts.

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8. Lucy performs extensive charity work for numerous causes

Besides her acting career, Lucy is an active member of the social community. She loves working for causes that support animal rights and numerous other charitable causes. She has served as an ambassador for Kick 4 Life, a non-profit using football to fight poverty in developing countries. At the same time, she has also contributed her time and efforts towards Cats, Protection, Help For Heroes and the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC) amongst numerous others.

9. She is famous for having participated in the sixth series of Celebrity Big Boss

Lucy Pinder is quite well known for having appeared in the sixth season of the popular reality show Celebrity Big Boss. She was, however, voted out in the first round and didn’t make it far in the competition.

10.  Her most recent film ‘Me, Myself and Di’ was just released

After giving up modeling in 2020, Lucy has shifted her focus towards films with 3 projects under her belt during 2021. The first, a comedy movie where the winner of a trip of her lifetime is convinced by her best friend to act different from who she really is, in the hopes of finding love. She plays Diana Wickers alongside Janet Brown, the protagonist played by Katy Clayton.

Lucy Pinder on her new film role in the British Comedy – Me, Myself & Di

Lucy Pinder was interviewed by Stefan Pape for Me, Myself & Di, the new British comedy starring herself, Katy Clayton, James Lance, Will Mellor, Tyger Drew-Honey, Larry Lamb and Wim Snape. The film was directed by Chris Green and written by Samantha Lloyd.

Give Lucy Pinder a Follow on Instagram to Keep Up with Her Career and Life

Lucy Pinder has definitely been turning heads due to scintillating reasons ever since she was discovered back in 2003. She is active on Instagram where she continues to post more sizzling images and general highlights about her life. She has two more movies coming up in 2021 namely Nightmare on 34th Street and The Bystanders. To keep tabs on her life, here’s the link to her Instagram handle so that you can view her profile or give her a follow:

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From considering English literature as her major to becoming one of the most highly-rated models in the industry, Lucy Pinder has had an illustrious career. With her acting endeavors, she is on track to add some more feathers in her hat. With the passion she carries, even the sky isn’t the limit.

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