Learn about Up and Coming Model Madi Teeuws

Madison Teeuws, professionally known as Madi Teeuws, is an up-and-coming American model. She is a Texas-born star who works with many modeling agencies, such as Elite Models and Industry Model Management, to name a few. Her modeling career is not the only thing that has given Madi the success she enjoys—her social media lifestyle as an influencer and campaign specialist has also contributed tremendously.

Although her social media profiles are always there for you to follow her lifestyle, there are still many things you may not know. If you wish to learn more about this successful social media celebrity, here are 10 facts about Madi Teeuws that you will love!

Here Are 10 Fascinating Facts about Madi Teeuws

1. She Has Appeared on Deal or No Deal

If you don’t know, Deal or No Deal is an American game show hosted by Howie Mandel. A contestant chooses from the 26 briefcases held by stunning briefcase models and gets a chance to win a grand prize. When we say Madi Teeuws has appeared on this game show, we do not mean that she was a contestant. In fact, the beautiful model appeared as one of the briefcase girls in 2018, showing her beauty while holding the briefcase number 15!

2. Her Modeling Career Officially Started in 2018

When Madi was 22 years old, she started her modeling career with Wilhelmina Models, one of the most reputed modeling agencies. Given her gorgeous looks, perfect figure, and breath-taking beauty, it was only a matter of time before Madi switched to other top agencies! She worked with Wilhelmina Models for about 9 months before switching to other modeling agencies like PRM Agency, Elite Models, and The Industry Mgmt. Madi will undoubtedly be one of the top models soon, given both her talent and appearance.

3. She Is a Graduate of the University of Texas

Madi has entered the world of modeling and social media’ influencing,’ but her background hasn’t always been in modeling. She attended the University of Texas in 2014 and studied Advertising and Business. Her focus was the entertainment industry, and this degree is certainly helping her navigate her way through this complex world of stars. She graduated in 2017, the same year she got a Red McCombs School of Business‘s Certification for Business Foundations Program.

4. She Was a Social Media Marketing Intern in 2017

It may surprise many people that Madi worked as an intern, given her success as a model and social media influencer. However, the internship was part of her degree program. She worked at Beanitos in Austin, Texas, for five months as a social media marketing intern. From January to May 2017, Madi had the opportunity to learn how to use social media platforms effectively.

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5. She Works as a Social Media Influencer for a Company

Although most social media influencers or models independently take their careers to the next level, Madi has opted for a professional approach. She works for CW Management as a print model or influencer. The company helps her improve her modeling profile and puts professional shots on her Instagram. Madi has been loyal to CW Management since 2015, where she also works on various client profiles for their social media content.

6. Her YouTube Channel Is More about Food and Diet Than Modeling

Madi created her YouTube channel in 2014 but didn’t upload any videos until 2019. By then, her modeling career was gaining momentum, and she was getting more followers on her social media accounts. Her first video was titled ‘MY FAVORITE QUICK HEALTHY LUNCH,’ and all the following ones are also about food, fitness, and diet. The channel will take you through Madi’s favorite meals and workout routines.

7. She Is Particular about Her Workouts

Madi shows a great deal of interest in fitness and workouts. She is particular about her workout clothes and routines that help her get the most out of her exercising hours. In one of her videos on YouTube, Madi also shared her interest in yoga and yoga clothes. She likes fitness clothes that ‘fit’ and do not slip during her workouts. In 2018, Madi participated in one of the Model Workout videos to show her cardio workout for toning her body as a model.

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Madi is not just a fitness and health fan—she is also crazy about music stuff! The model travels to different places and attends music festivals like the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. After starting her career in 2018, Madi was famous enough to become a star who is ‘spotted’ at different events, so it was a big deal for her fans when she was seen at the Empire Polo Club during the festival! The festival hosted many top artists, including Bad Bunny, Wiz Khalifa, and Billie Eilish.

9. She Loved New York City as a Young Kid

Everyone has their favorite city in the world where they wish to live. For Madi, it has been New York City since she was a young child. Madi wanted to own a business called ‘Madison’s on Madison’ in New York, and now she is closer to her dream than ever. Madi moved from Los Angeles to New York in 2021, and it seems that she is enjoying the new experience very much!

10. She Is Ready Work with Meaningful Brands

Madi has been a social media model for many years, but her professional career makes her new to this industry. Although it hasn’t been long, Madi realizes that most brands value a pretty face over other talents. Therefore, the model says she is ready to work with brands with meaningful values. She wants to help such brands amplify their voice. She also wishes to use her massive social media following to help these brands grow.

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Madi Teeuws – Modeling, Body Image, Mental Health, Pretty Privilege, and Dating | EP 23 | Austin AF

In this video, Katie Austin sits down with fashion model Madi Teeuws in an episode about managing your mental health in the modeling industry, moving to New York, pretty privilege, and dating!


Now you know more facts about Madi Teeuws than you did before! We hope you liked these interesting things about the model and social media influencer who wishes to change the world with her work. We also wish her good luck in achieving her dreams and becoming a voice that helps multifaceted brands reach more people!

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