Mahatma Gandhi Facts That Will Intrigue

Mahatma Gandhi Facts

Mahatma Gandhi will forever be remembered as one of the most peaceful activists ever. We are going to commemorate him with our list of our unbelievable Mahatma Gandhi facts that most people don’t know. Enjoy learning about this brave man who toasted the British Empire in 1915 and wrote a letter to Hitler calling for peace.

Gandhi was also responsible for starting a “Quit India” campaign against British rule in 1942. He lived in South Africa for a few years, but never visited the United States. This man was truly incredible. Continue reading for more wonderful facts about this heroic role model.

Fascinating Mahatma Gandhi Facts

1 Say Cheese!

Gandhi may have been strong and healthy, but he wore dentures.

2 A Peaceful Connection

Mother Teresa’s funeral featured the gun carriage used at Gandhi’s funeral.

3 He Was Friends with Leo Tolstoy

Gandhi and Tolstoy often wrote letters back and forth to each other.

4 Show a Little Respect

Gandhi was the Person of the Year in the 1930 edition of TIME magazine.

5 He was a Minute Man

Gandhi absolutely hated being late, and he often carried around a pocket watch.

6 Testing, 1, 2, 3

Gandhi communicated with the U.S. via radio transmission from England in 1931.

7 They See Me Walking, They Hating

While studying law, Gandhi would walk a lot – 8 to 10 miles each day.

8 My, How Things Changed

When Gandhi was young, he was painfully shy, but he ended up leading thousands as an adult.

9 Nominated, but Snubbed

Gandhi was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize five times, but never won.

10 Gandhi’s Nationalist Assassin

Gandhi’s killer was a Hindu himself; his name was Nathuram Godse.

11 He had a phobia as a child

We think of Gandhi as a fearless man, but when he was young, he had a phobia of the dark.

12 He Married Young

He got married at the age of 13! So yes it is true that Gandhi was a teenage newlywed and only 13 when he married his 14-year-old bride Kasturba in 1882.  They later had 2 children.

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