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Top 15 Amazing Maja Strojek Facts

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Maja Strojek is one of those Instagram celebrities who rose to fame in quite a short time. This Polish fashion model and Instagram star has been entertaining  her social media fans with her unique fashion sense and beautiful glimpses of her everyday life.

But apart from her Instagram side, not many people know about Maja’s personal life and what she is like behind the camera. So let’s change that and learn more about her life, career, educational background, and other information.

Here Are 15 Things You Didn’t Know about Maja Strojek

1. She Spent Most of Her Time in Her Grandmother’s Village

Maja Strojek was born in Chojnów and lived in her grandmother’s village. It was a really small town with 15,000 people and no opportunities. She had to go to school in a different city, which was 20 km away from her hometown. Maja covered a distance of 40 km every day to and from her school.

2. Maja Used to Go Fishing with Her Dad

There was a small lake, about 5 minutes away from Maja’s grandmother’s village. She used to go fishing with her dad in that lake and that’s where she learned to swim.

3. Maja Had a Lot of Hobbies When She was Little

When she was in school, Maja tried a lot of different hobbies, including acrobatics and dancing. She spent 4 years dancing and 6 years doing acrobatics. Afterwards, when she turned 12, Maja found out that she had quite a photogenic face and she loved photographing herself.

4. Maja’s Photo Was Published in the MaxModels Magazine When She Was 12

Once Maja found out that she had a photogenic face, she started investing most of her time photographing herself. She was quite passionate about it and even visited the abandoned houses in Chojnów for photography.

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When she was 12, one of her photographs was published in the MaxModels Magazine, which was a huge achievement for a 12-year-old girl. She made her profile on this platform and that’s where her journey started from.

5. Maja Is a Huge Fan of BTS and the Jonas Brothers

Maja often shares with her Instagram family how she loves listening to the BTS boy. She may not consider herself a part of the BTS Army, but she is a hardcore fan of the K-pop band. Maja has also expressed interest in Disney’s favorite band, the Jonas Brothers. She is a huge fan of Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas.

6. She Has Traveled to the U.S., Australia, and Indonesia

Being a fashion model, Maja gets to travel a lot. According to her Instagram feed, she has traveled to Australia, U.S., and Indonesia, where she loved the exotic beaches of Bali.

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7. She Is a Capricorn

Born on January 1st., 2001, Maja Strojek is a very young fashion model. Although many tabloids claimed that she was born in 1997, Maja came to her Instagram stories to clear this misunderstanding and tell her fans that her actual birth year is 2001.

8. Maja Is Signed to MaxModels, Poland

As per her Facebook’s About section, Maja is currently signed to MaxModels, Poland, the same agency that published her photo when she was only 12 years old. She is one of the most popular Polish models, along with Kasia Struss and Anja Rubik.

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9. Maja Is Very Humble and Down to Earth

She is one of those people who always give credit where credit is due. Maja never forgets to mention her designers and makeup artists in her feature posts to show her appreciation. Whoever contributed to something with Maja would always get acknowledgement and appreciation from her.

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She also never forgets to mention her fan posts on her Instagram stories. In fact, she has a dedicated Highlight on her Instagram with her drawings and paintings that were created by her fans. She cares about her fans deeply and always mentions them whenever they do something for her.

10. Maja Is Currently Single

Although the model is very secretive about her love life, she is currently single and focusing on her career. She is not dating anyone right now.

11. She Is a Gamer

Maja loves to play video games. Her favorite game of all time is the Witcher series.

12. Maja’s Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Maja is big on hydration. Her favorite drinks include water and a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. She also loves tea and black coffee.

13. She Watches Netflix in English to Learn More about the Language

Since her mother tongue is Polish, Maja likes to watch all the shows and movies in the English language. It helps her learn more about the language and improve it. She has gotten quite good at it!

14. Maja Is a Ski Person

When asked on her Instagram whether she likes to snowboard or ski, Maja answered that she is definitely a ski person and loves skiing on the icy slopes.

15. She Also Farms Cryptocurrency

Maja took to Instagram to share with her fans that she is into crypto and is currently farming cryptocurrency on CoinSwap as she believes crypto has great potential.

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Maja Strojek – wiki/bio and fashion trends – Young and Beautiful Supermodels

Young and Beautiful supermodels – Maja Strojek. Watch this video to learn all about the gorgeous Polish supermodel Maja Strojek. Get to know about her personal life and the fashion trends she follows.


We hope you learned a lot about your favorite Polish supermodel from these facts. Our favorite fact about Maja definitely has to be her humbleness. Everyone loves a celebrity who appreciates their fans and team. Maja is definitely one of those celebrities and always makes a point to show her love and appreciation to her fans and her team. Check out her Instagram to stay connected with her stories and feed.

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