Strange Manx Cat Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

Despite not having a tail (or not much of one,) the Manx cat is swift and agile. They are also named after a motorcycle, the Norton Manx! A reliable guard cat and family friend, the Manx is a wonderful household companion. It is no wonder that a Manx cat is the featured hero of the webcomic The Manx Cat.

Anyway, other fun facts about the Manx cat include its somewhat canine nature. It isn’t surprising for a Manx cat to play fetch or get vocal with its owner. Want to learn even more? Then read on for 10 strange Manx cat facts you don’t want to miss!

The Strangest Manx Cat Facts

1 They Are Great Cuddle Buddies

Because they are affectionate and have rounded features (body, head, ears,) Manx cats are great cuddlers.

2 They Defy Gravity

Other cats use their tails as a counterbalance when jumping, but Manx cats are still very agile.

3 They Shed Like Crazy

Manx cats have a double coat of fur, which they will shed seasonally.

4 They Aren’t Always Totally Tailless

Some Manx cats have multiple vertebrae fused together at their tailbone.

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5 They Are Quite Human-Like

In the fact that they need lots of social interaction and they rank high among intelligent cat breeds.

6 They Make Great Pets

Since Manx cats are so friendly, docile, and good with dogs and children, they make great family pets.

7 There are Two Varieties of Manx Cat

One is the standard short-haired version, while the other is the long-haired variety (called Cymric.)

8 A Cat of Many Colors

Manx cats can be black, brown, white, gray, calico, tabby, and more.

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9 I’ve Got Your Tail!

The Manx cat is most recognizable for its lack of tail.

10 Where Did They Come From?

The Manx cat originates from the Isle of Man, a small island between Ireland and England.

Video: 5 Marvelous Facts About Manx Cats

The Manx cat might look like your average tabby or even a calico from the front, but take a look from the back, and you’ll see they’re one of the most unique cat breeds of all.

Across the globe, there are many people that have a special place in their heart for these cats with missing tails. And they also have a very interesting personality. Watch this video to learn a lot more about these tailless felines!

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