Interesting Marcus Garvey Facts That’ll Amaze You

Marcus Garvey Facts

One of the strongest voices of Black Nationalism in history, Marcus Garvey led an incredible life that stimulated the imaginations of African Americans. He is well known for his efforts to bring African Americans back to their mother country of Africa, going so far as to found the Black Star Line Steamship Corporation.

Fascinating Marcus Garvey Facts

1 He supported a white supremacist; Sen. Theodor Bilbo and Garvey’s goals of African American deportation actually aligned, though their Greater Liberia Act of 1939 failed in Congress.

2 The first ship of the Black Star Line was unofficially named after famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass. This image is of a paper stock certificate for the Black Star Line.

Black Star Line Stock Certificate

3 He’s credited with inspiring every major black movement of the 20th century, with followers like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X.

4 He founded the first political party in Jamaica, the People’s Political Party (PPP).

5 His organization (UNIA) named their headquarters “Liberty Hall”, an inspiration from the Irish movement for independence from England.

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6 He was indicted for mail fraud by the United States government and sentenced to five years in prison.

7 He was eventually nicknamed “Black Moses” due to his political efforts and large following.

Marcus Garvey

8 His flair and skills at oration made many flock to his cause; his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) grew to be the largest African American secular organization in United States history at the time.

9 He was declared Jamaica’s first ever national hero in 1964.

10 He never set foot in his target destination of Africa, dying of a heart attack in 1940.

Marcus Garvey is considered a Rastafarian prophet. The Jamaican-born politician believed a great African king would rise to power, and when Haile Selassie I rose to power in Ethiopia, many thought it was Garvey’s prediction come to fruition. Some Rastas go further and even say Garvey was the reincarnation of St. John the Baptist.

Marcus Garvey: Strongest Voice for Black Nationalism in History

Marcus Garvey was an orator for the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements, and although at times controversial, he is considered a national hero in Jamaica and inspired the Rastafari movement. #Biography

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