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15 Incredible Facts about Marli Alexa

Who is Marli Alexa

Marli Alexa is a very popular Instagram model and celebrity with more than 500k subscribers. She started her journey from Instagram in 2016 and soon gained popularity because of her athletic physique and gorgeous photoshoots. In this article, we will try to explore a little more about Marli and see who she really is behind those Instagram posts. So read on to learn more about your favorite Instagram star.

Here Are the Most Incredible Facts about Marli Alexa

1. How It Began

Marli started her career from Instagram. She is blessed with a perfect body and ideal physique that made her a popular Instagram star in no time. Her Instagram is full of her amazing photos at beautiful locations all over the world.

2. The Coolest Place She Has Ever Visited

The coolest places she has been to so far are Italy and Mexico.

3. She Loves Working Out

As evident from her physique, Marla loves working out. She is big on fitness and works out regularly, doing exercise and yoga every day. Whenever she is not able to make it to the gym, she works out at home.  

4. She Did Her Majors in Criminal Justice

Although she does not practice what she studied, Marli Alexa did her majors in criminal justice.

5. She Loves Pizza

Alexa tries to eat healthy, she does eat pizza every once in a while. According to her, she would choose pizza over burgers or any other thing, any day.  She loves pizza and always orders it whenever she orders food.

6. Her Birthday

Marli’s birthday is on July 29th., 1997. She is a Leo.

7. Marli Loves Traveling

She loves traveling with her best friend for photoshoots. So far, she has been to Mexico, Tulum, Italy, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, France, and several other states of the U.S.

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8. The Fastest She Has Gone In a Car

Marli has gone 100 miles per hour on a freeway. That’s the fastest she has driven her car so far and she was scared that she would get pulled over, so she reduced her speed after a while.

9. She Is 5’4

Marli’s height is 5 feet and 4 inches.

10. She Has Heterochromia

Not many people know this but Marli has heterochromia in the center of her eye. Heterochromia is a condition where people have different colored eyes. It is a hereditary condition that is not associated with any disease. It is rare and does not have any other symptoms. She shares this condition with her best friend, Lindsay Brewer, who also has heterochromia in the center of her right eye.

11. She Is Best Friends with a Racing Driver

Marli’s best friend, Lindsay Brewer, is also a beautiful Instagram model as well as a racing driver. Lindsay loved racing when she was a kid. Her first such experience was when she went go-karting at her little cousin’s birthday when she was 13. That’s when she found out that she loved racing. So she asked her dad to get her a car when she grew older. She has participated in several racing competitions so far. You can often find Marli sitting next to Lindsay when she races down the roads.

12. She Is Not Single

Although Marli does not reveal who she is dating, she has been in a relationship with a guy for more than 5 years now. It’s the first real relationship that she has ever been in and she believes that one should always be in real relationships.

13. Her Favorite Car

Being a best friend with a racer means having super cool favorite cars. Marli loves G-Wagons and finds them “super cute.” She says it is a perfect daily car.

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14. She Is from California

Marli comes from Sacramento, California. However, she doesn’t like going back there at all now as she thinks that it is quite dull.

15. She Studied at SDSU

Marli went to San Diego State University with her friend Lindsay Brewer. The reason why she chose SDSU is because she did not get into any of the other schools she wanted to go to. However, she is a really smart student.

16. She Loved Being in Tulum

Marli visited Tulum with her best friend Lindsay Brewer. The best part about being there was all the beaches and the people. She thought that the people in Tulum were also really cool.

17. Her Favorite Musician

Her favorite musicians/bands are Led Zeppelin and Louis the Child. She is crazy about the electronic music group.

18. Her Biggest Pet Peeve

Marli’s biggest pet peeve is when people make noises while eating. She can’t stand it when she’s eating with someone and they are making noises. We could not agree more!

19. Her Ideal Boyfriend

For Marli, her ideal boyfriend is someone who always makes her laugh and is extremely loyal. The biggest turn-off for her is when someone cheats on her. She would also not date anyone who does not make her laugh and is super serious. A great sense of humor is a big turn-on for her.

20. Her Favorite Music

Marli’s favorite music is rap and electronic dance music (EDM).

Day In My Life: Santa Monica Beach

Checkout this day in the life video of Marli Alexa and her best friend Lindsay Brewer where they show you how their day at the Santa Monica beach goes. The girls go on a photoshoot on the beach.

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So that’s all the facts we know about Marli Alexa so far. She is a really fun person to be around. She is in San Diego State University and did her majors in criminal justice. Our favorite fact about her definitely has to be how she manages everything so well, be it her studies, career, or relationships. She excels in everything. Way to go, Marli!

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