Shocking McDonalds Facts to Blow Your Mind

McDonalds Facts

Are you a McDonald’s fan? Or do you look down on the fast-food giant with utter disgust? Either way this article will either open up your eyes or drive home what you already know about the restaurant.

These are some interesting tidbits that are going to make you think twice about that Big Mac or that extra large serving of French fries. And yet, the very first McDonald’s wasn’t even a burger joint – it was dedicated to a different type of cuisine! Throughout the years, McDonald’s has definitely experimented with lots of different menu items.

For instance, there was the Ranger Burger, the ChiTown Classic, the McArabia, and the McLobster and McCrab. Plus, the fast-food chain is present in just about every country in the world. Okay, so there are just about 100 countries that still don’t have a McDonald’s, and there are actually some countries that don’t want the restaurant in their nation at all!

But before we go any further, we invite you to read our entire list, because it is chock-full of some tasty nuggets (no pun intended) that will get your head spinning. It’s time to learn more about the iconic Mickey D’s!

With a presence in 119 countries, McDonald’s is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in the world. You probably know much about this restaurant, but here are the 10 McDonalds Facts you probably didn’t know:

McDonald’s Facts Most People Don’t Know!

1 Ironically, Willard Scott, the first Ronald McDonald, was fired for being too fat.

2 Americans eat five and a half million head of cattle every year at a McDonald’s.

3 Queen Elizabeth II owns a McDonald’s. She owns a retail park in Slough, which includes a drive-thru McDonald’s.

4 20% of sales at McDonald’s include a toy, which makes the restaurant chain the largest distributor of toys.

5 McDonald’s serves over 70 million people per day. That’s more than the population of California and Texas combined.

6 Although it is the most valuable fast food brand with the highest annual revenues, McDonald’s doesn’t have the most number of restaurants in the world. That record goes to Subway, which has 43,417 restaurants compared to McDonald’s’ total of 35,429.

7 McDonald’s golden arches are reportedly more popular than The Christian Cross.

8 Four of the seven additives in McDonald’s items such as the Big Mac, cheeseburgers, desserts and soft drinks cause concentration problems and hyperactivity in children.

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9 McDonald’s spent $988 million on advertising in 2013, nearly as much as Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama spent for their presidential campaigns combined.

10 Chicken McNuggets contain high amounts of dimethylpolysiloxane, the same silicone oil used to make contact lenses.

11 Given its sheer size, McDonalds goes through large amounts of food products. It is the largest purchaser of pork, beef and potatoes (it buys 3.4 billion pounds of potatoes every year), and the second largest purchaser of chicken. It buys 54 million pounds of fresh apples annually. Since inception, it has sold over 100 billion burgers (75 burgers per second). We guarantee you never knew that their flagship food product was not hamburgers; it was hotdogs.

Inside McDonalds: Behind the Doors of the World’s Biggest Restaurant Chain

This is a fascinating documentary about McDonald’s and how it operates so efficiently. Definitely worth. watch – you will learn a ton of new things!