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10 Surprising Facts about Melanie Wilking

melanie wilking facts

Melanie Wilking is another example of how social media can turn a normal individual into a star based on their unique talents. Along with her sister Miranda, Melanie is part of the famous Wilking Sisters. Her following is growing continuously both on TikTok and on Instagram earning her a lot of opportunities to expand and explore new opportunities like modeling etc.

Social media has become a vibrant stage in recent years and Melanie is definitely basking in the glory she received from it. Her sassy, slender figure allows her to wow fans both as a dancer and a heartthrob. Standing at 5 foot 5 inches and weighing around 58 kg in 2021, her beauty is much hyped across the platforms that she has an official presence on.

Interesting Facts about Melanie Wilking

1. Her Zodiac sign is Aries

Melanie was born on April 12, 1999 to Kelly and Dean Wilking. Her birthplace is Michigan and she belong to the Caucasian ethnic group. The TikTok star is known to follow Christianity. According to her date of birth she is an Aries although she doesn’t give much importance to astronomy. Her lucky number is 8 and she is one of two siblings alongside her elder sister Miranda.

2. She and her sister Miranda do TikTok videos together

Melanie and Miranda have a TikTok account called Wilking sisters with 2.4 million followers at the time of writing this article. Total likes on her videos has grown past 41 million during this time. Both sisters look identical which makes people think that they may be twins. However, that is not true. Miranda is two years older than Melanie. They love each other dearly with Melanie having stated that; “We’re basically attached at the hip. Wherever we go, we’re together!”

3. The TikTok star has been dancing since she was 2

Melanie’s interest in dance was piqued at a young age. She has been dancing since she was 2, albeit not professionally. As the sisters grew, they became even closer due to a mutually shared love about dancing to various tunes. Today, social media has given them the platform to fascinate and entice the world with their talents. Melanie has also performed as a member of the Detroit Pistons Mob Squad.

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4. Melanie went to the Warren Consolidated School of Performing Arts

The interest that Melanie had for dancing also came into play when she was choosing her academic field to pursue. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts from the Warren Consolidated School. It is not known when she graduated from the institution and in her interviews, she hasn’t revealed yet if she wishes to pursue education any further.

5. Her stunning physique is earning her modeling gigs now

Given her stunning figure it comes as no surprise that she is soon to be seen in modeling roles thanks to the following that she has built. On TikTok, Melanie has already collaborated with stars like Rebecca Zamalo. She has both individual as well as collective accounts on both TikTok and Instagram with her sister. She has already modelled for Forbes magazine and more gigs are on their way.

6. She is also a fitness enthusiast

Melanie puts a lot of effort into maintaining her slim and stunning body. She is a fitness enthusiast and spends time training. Her good looks are one of the reasons why she has such an immense and growing fan base. Fitness is a key part of her daily routine as she continues to flaunt her incredible looks on the social media platforms where she is active.

7. Her following on Instagram is equally impressive

Just like on TikTok, the Wilking Sisters have an account together on Instagram where they have 61k followers as of now. Melanie’s individual account has 124k followers and counting. The Wilking Sisters incredible achievements include featuring on a McDonald’s billboard in Times Square, NYC, one of the most iconic places for adverts anywhere in the world.


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8. She lives together with her sister in Los Angeles California

Melanie and Miranda Wilking have found a lot of success together. They became sensations on TikTok and Instagram in a short span of time. Even as a group of performers, their love for each other has grown and they live together with their family in Los Angeles, California. They post a lot of content together even on their individual channels. When preparing for a video, they tend to just go with the flow and spend time in front of the mirror according to Miranda.

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9. The sisters have dreamt of having their own reality show

In a recent interview, the elder sister, Miranda highlighted that the two have a dream of having their own reality show along similar lines to what the uber attractive Kardashian clan does. She has been quoted as saying; “We’d call it Keeping Up with the Wilkings! But we’d have to cast other people on the show to bring the drama, because we are no-drama mamas!” With the way the two sisters are gaining popularity, who knows that this dream may come true as well.

10. Their go-to music genre is R&B

Melanie has hinted that the two sisters share a love for R&B. They listen to tracks frequently, especially when getting dressed or preparing for a video. Having been dancing since an early age, they are quite effortless at it and Melanie herself has noted that “it comes naturally to us”. Their stunning performances adorn social media and are a sight to behold.

The Christmas Season Celebratory Dance

Melanie Wilking has a YouTube channel too and if you want to get a glimpse of what her performances look like, here is a short teaser of a Christmas video she posted under the title ‘Who’s ready for Christmas?’ This is definitely one that you should watch as you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.


Melanie Wilking is a TikTok star, dancer and model who has gained immense popularity along with her sister as a dancing duo. Her following continues to grow rapidly across various platforms while her incredible looks are also a talk of the town.

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