20 Interesting Facts about Melrose Boyer

Melrose Boyer is a beautiful French-Canadian model who loves snowboarding and riding horses. She rose to fame with her Instagram account, where she shares her personal and work life with her followers. She is a popular model with a beautiful smile, and she often features in different brands’ photo shoots.

Here Are Some of the Lesser-Known Facts about the Stunning Melrose Boyer

1. She was born in Canada

Melrose Boyer was born on 10th March 1996 in a small town called Saint-Lazare in Quebec. She spent her 25th birthday in Malibu, California, along with her boyfriend.

2. She is exceptional at horse-riding

Melrose Boyer was born in Saint-Lazare, where she grew up on a ranch and rode horses. She recalls her childhood very fondly as she grew up in an open space where there could ride horses freely.

3. She loves to snowboard

A self-learner, Melrose Boyer learned to snowboard at the age of 14 and hasn’t looked back since. She used to snowboard with her group of friends when she was about 20 years old, where they would reach the summit of the mountain and smoke a joint. She often joins Slopestyle competitions in Quebec.

4. She loves horses

Melrose Boyer grew up on a ranch where she would take care of several horses. Her Instagram account shows her getting along and caring for several horses. She often misses them when she travels abroad for work reasons.

5. She studied to become a police officer

Melrose Boyer grew up wanting to help people and make a difference in her community. She studied Police Technology in college to become a police officer.

6. Her favorite color is black

When Melrose Boyer was asked about her favorite gear color in an interview, she told the interviewer her preferred gear was all black and camo.

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7. She has an older brother

Melrose Boyer has an older brother. She owes her interest in snowboarding to him. She was four years old when her brother started snowboarding, which encouraged her to do the same.

8. She loves the outdoors

Melrose Boyer loves the outdoors as she can be regularly seen exploring snowy mountains, exotic beaches, and rough hiking trails. She is a sporty girl who is not afraid to take risks.

9. She is in a loving relationship

Melrose Boyer has been in a long-term relationship with Cam Richards, who is a skilled surfer. They are a cute couple who often show their love for one another on their Instagram feed. The gorgeous couple celebrated their 3rd anniversary in August.

10. She loves going fishing

Melrose Boyer has a self-proclaimed fishing addiction. She fished for most of the quarantine period. She has caught a big bass and even a snook that made her extremely happy.

11. She is an animal-lover

Melrose Boyer loves animals of all kinds, especially horses and dogs. She can be seen warmly smiling with four dogs in this heartwarming picture.

12. She often travels for work

Melrose can often be seen traveling to Bali, Tahiti, and other exotic places in the United States of America for work-related reasons. She has worked with different clothing brands, including snow wear and swimsuit brands.

13. She is a sentimental soul

Melrose Boyer is a sweet, sentimental person as her posts are often accompanied by an uplifting and motivating saying by an intellectual. She has quoted Mohammad Zeyara, Warren Buffet, and Amy Kennedy with photos of herself.

14. She is a family-oriented person

Melrose Boyer is a family person as she has shared cute personal pictures of her parents and grandparents with her followers on their birthdays. She also stated in an interview how her parents’ careers in law enforcement and the fire department influenced her to choose to become a police officer. Her great grandfather, grandfather, and father’s passion drew her to develop a deep love for fishing.

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15. She is represented by different agencies

Melrose Boyer is represented by several various agencies in different areas of the world. She is represented by Dulcedo Models in Canada, Women Management Los Angeles in LA, Women 360 Management New York in NYC, and Priscillas Models in Australia.

16. She is based in the United States of America

Melrose originally hails from Canada but has settled in South Carolina, USA. She has a home in South Carolina and spends most of her time traveling back and forth from the States.

17. She has appeared in a video commercial

Melrose Boyer has appeared in a video commercial for Gorjana, a fine jewelry shop based in California. The video commercial appeared on television and was shot by a videographer called Trevor in a fun yet warm beach setting.

18. She believes in empowering women

Melrose Boyer supported the #womensupportingwomen challenge on Instagram, nominated by Justine (@justinesalette).

19. She is an unconventional model

Melrose is a highly unconventional model with the exceptional gift of both beauty and brains. Melrose is not afraid of breaking boundaries, taking risks, and having unique interests. She enjoys snowboarding and even has a tough truck that intimidates guys in the urban areas. She is from a small town but has led a wonderful, inspiring life.

20. She has beautiful natural features

Melrose Boyer has beautiful green eyes, tanned olive skin, dirty-blonde hair, and a beautiful smile, making her the perfect fit for print and video commercials.


In this video, Melrose Boyer shows her facial side angles to the camera for her management company. This video is from when she was 16 years old. Her management company, Dulcedo Models from Canada, uploaded this video of her excitedly showing off her beautiful facial features.

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Melrose Boyer is a beautiful model who has a deep love for the outdoors and animals in general. She used to dream about becoming a professional snowboarder but had to make sacrifices due to school. Melrose studied Police technology after being inspired by her parents’ resilient natures and career paths. She has a fishing addiction and can often be seen on her Instagram, holding up the day’s catch for her followers to see.

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