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Cool Michael Jackson Facts You Might Not Know

Michael Jackson Facts

Everyone can appreciate Michael Jackson. After all, the guy was the King of Pop. When he passed away in the summer of 2009, the entire world was left heartbroken. Fortunately, the singer lives on in his music videos, award-winning songs, and DVDs of his concert experiences.

Michael was a legend and we remember him today with these facts

Fun Facts about Michael Jackson

1 He Should Have Owned a Farm

He owned a pair of llamas (of course!) named Lola and Louis.

2 He Loved Slapstick Comedy

One of his favorite shows was The Three Stooges.

3 He Had a Sense of Humor

Looking back at his time with the Jackson 5, Michael said that he sounded like Minnie Mouse.

4 He Had Funny Nicknames

One of his nicknames was “Stinky,” which was bestowed upon him by Quincy Jones.

5 Bring on the Tacos

And nachos and burritos…Michael Jackson cherished Mexican food.

6 He Was a Trickster

A young Michael used to prank his sis LaToya by putting spiders in her bed.

7 He Had Strange Pets

One of his scarier pets was a real-life boa constrictor named “Muscles.’

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8 Saint Vincent Shows Some Love

This Caribbean island nation issued stamps with Michael Jackson featured on them.

9 Who is Afraid of the Tickle Monster?

Michael Jackson probably was because he was extremely ticklish.

10 Michael Jackson Never Wanted to Grow Up

He may have created his Never land ranch, but Michael Jackson’s favorite character was Pinocchio.

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Michael Jackson – Thriller (Official Video)

Michael Jackson’s official music video for “Thriller” – one of his most popular videos ever! This video is awesome and quite fun to watch.

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Image Credit: Ricardodiaz11, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons