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Minecraft Facts That Will Amaze You!

Minecraft Facts

Never underestimate the power of TNT. It can remove lava and water if you blow it up in your Minecraft world. And if you’re hungry, just right-click on a mushroom and a bowl to get some mushroom soup. Yum. What else is there to know about the game that everyone is talking about?

Read on for our list of  Minecraft Facts That’ll Leave You Feeling All Kinds of WTF. Sure, these might not all be extremely useful, but every game is filled with weird facts and glitches, right? Just place a flaming torch under falling gravel or sand to have said gravel or sand disappear!

Interesting Facts about Minecraft

1 Creepers and Cobwebs

Creepers take longer to die if they’re caught in a cobweb.

2 Cactus Explosion

If an item hits a cactus, it will explode.

3 I’m Invisible!

If a creeper is outside your window, don’t move and it won’t see you.

4 Cats are Evil

You can’t open your tool chest if a cat is sitting on it.

5 79 is the Magic Number

If your health goes below 79% you can’t regenerate health points.

6 The Fencing Fiasco

Fences from the Nether will not connect to fences from the nature Minecraft world.

7 Speaking of Fishing

In Minecraft, you can fish while you’re swimming under the water.

8 Hungry for Fish?

Go fishing when it rains; you’re much more likely to get a catch.

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9 Fiery Arrows

Shoot arrows through lava and they’ll become fiery arrows.

10 Milk is Powerful

Breaking a bottle of milk can actually stop you from being hurt by poison.

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11 It’s time for more fun with Minecraft! For instance, spiders won’t hurt a fly if it’s daylight. But if you attack them, they’ll try to kill you.

Video: 40 Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft

Even if you are a huge Minecraft fan, I promise you will learn some new things from watching this video.

I was most surprised by #21

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