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15 Surprising Facts about Nadia Mejia

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Nadia Grace Mejia is an American-Ecuadorian model and a beauty pageant holder. Nadia won the Miss California USA in 2016 and was placed among the top 5 at Miss USA 2016. But that’s not just the only exciting part about Nadia’s life. Let’s look at some more interesting aspects of her life and see what Nadia Mejia is like behind the cameras.

Here Are the Most Interesting Facts About Nadia Mejia:

1. Participating in the Beauty Pageant Is in Her DNA

Nadia is not the only one in her family who participated and won in a beauty pageant. In fact, mother, Kathy Mejia has also been a beauty pageant queen. She won the Miss West Virginia pageant crown in 1989.

2. Nadia Is the Daughter of a Famous Rapper

Nadia’s father is the famous rapper, Gerardo Mejia. This is the reason why Nadia first became popular. Gerardo is an Ecuadorian musician whose most famous song is Rico Suave, released in the 1990s.

3. Nadia Has Also Appeared in a Reality Show

Due to her celebrity parents, Nadia has been famous since her childhood. She has appeared in a reality TV show called Suave Says on VH1 that documented her family’s life, just like Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

4. Nadia Has Two Sisters

Nadia has two beautiful sisters, Bianca, and Jaden Mejia.

5. Nadia Graduated Her High School in 2013

Nadia studied in Diamond Bar High School and graduated in 2013. She is one of the notable alumni of her high school.

6. She Was Once Anorexic

Nadia Mejia has suffered from anorexia. In fact, the model revealed this during her moving speech in the 2016 Miss USA pageant. She explained her struggle and how she continued to battle this disease with the support of her family and God. According to Nadia, her bookers were always body shaming her, which brought her to a point where she started hating food and didn’t eat more than 1000 calories a day. Her moving speech made her a fan favorite during this contest and got her among the top 5.

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7. Nadia Used to Run 4 Miles a Day

During her struggles with losing body fat, Nadia started running 4 miles every day to lose weight. As a result, she lost over 30lbs in just a matter of two months.

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8. Nadia Is Very Vocal About Body Shaming

As Nadia faced body shaming throughout her life, she is very vocal about it and helps people who are victims of body shaming. Her goal is to inspire those victims to love themselves and their bodies no matter what.

9. Nadia Also Participated in Miss California Teen USA

Before competing in Miss California in 2016, Nadia also participated in the Miss California Teen USA and was among the top 20.

10. Nadia Was Widely Reported in Media Due to Being Blanked Out in the Interview Competition

During her interview competition in the Miss USA 2016 pageant, Nadia Mejia blanked out when asked an economics-related question. Eventually, she continued her answer after pausing and taking a deep breath a while later.

11. Nadia Has Partnered with Various Brands

Nadia Mejia also happens to be a world-famous model. She has appeared in major advertising campaigns for popular brands including Too Faced Cosmetics, Nordstrom, as well as Skechers.

12. Nadia Makes a Mean Meatloaf

Nadia makes an amazing meatloaf, as per her Instagram bio.

13. Nadia Is Engaged to an Actor

Nadia Mejia is engaged to the actor Sam Webb. In fact, Nadia took to Instagram how Sam Webb proposed to her with a ring. What was supposed to be a photoshoot of the model turned out to be a surprise engagement planned by Sam Webb. According to the model, it was her dream come true as Sam Webb proposed to her on a surreal beach.

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14. She Is a Big Foodie

Nadia Mejia is a big foodie, despite being anorexic for a long time. Apparently, her Instagram bio “Makes a mean meatloaf” is not a joke. In fact, she is very much into healthy eating now and even had a blog named “Nadia’s Bikini Bistro”, where she shared the healthiest recipes. In fact, Nadia even once revealed that she wants to open a Latin American Mediterranean fusion restaurant.

15. She Is a Proud Christian

Nadia is also very dedicated to her faith. She is a proud Christian and proudly shares about it on her social media. Her Instagram account is filled with quotes from the bible. Her father also reinvented his personality and became a Christian youth pastor, which could be the reason why Mejia is deeply committed to her religion.

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Nadia Grace – Walk On Water

The song walk on water is my first single and I am super excited about it because not only is it the next step in my career, but it promotes a message that means the world to me. My faith and my family are the reason why I got through the obstacles in my life and I never want anyone to feel alone and I want them to find comfort in those lyrics to walk on water and trust in someone. The video shows the struggles of my industry and the struggles that young girls go through today with eating disorders and body dysmorphia and I want to bring awareness to these issues. 

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Nadia Mejia is truly a supermodel who is not only famous for her looks but also for her values, beliefs, and strong personality. Our favorite quality of her is how she is so vocal for people who have suffered body shaming. Having faced it in her own life, Nadia stresses on the importance of self-love. Check out her Instagram account to see daily glimpses of her life.

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