Netflix Secret Codes – How to Unlock Tons of Hidden TV Shows and Movies!

Everyone loves Netflix, but many people don’t know that they offer a LOT more content than you can see when you sign in to your account. There are many sub-genres that you can only find with secret codes.

Normally Netflix will just show you recommendations based on what you have watched that are based on your watch/viewing history. So that can make it hard to find new shows, as their recommendation engine won’t recommend you a lot of diverse new content.

It turns out there are some tricks to find all of these shows. And before we get into the details, one suggestion – try the tricks we show you below on your computer.

Usually we do this and then add a ton of things to our “My List” and then they will be in your queue when you login into your account to watch.

What are Netflix Secret Codes?

The problem with browsing on Netflix is the categories to navigate the site are very general – terms like “Fantasy” or “Romance” or “Comedies” are very broad and general categories. In fantasy for example, there are many sub categories such as Anime Fantasy or Classic SciFi and Fantasy. In comedies for example, there are slapstick comedies versus teen comedies and so on.

Instead of spending hours looking for something to watch, these subcategory codes are the secret to finding what you want!

It turns out that Netflix has THOUSANDS of very specific, precise sub-genres that you can use to find exactly what you are looking for.

Here’s a full list of the Netflix hidden codes, including their categories.

Give them a try and you will be hooked and your que will have tons of new TV shows and movies to watch – enjoy!

How to Use Netflix’s Secret Codes?

To use Netflix hidden codes, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to
  3. Replace the _code_ with the code of your choice (you can find it above on this page)
  4. Press enter to go to the page

There you are on the page with all the movies and series associated to this category. Netflix may ask you to log in before showing you the movies and series associated to this category.

Netflix Secret Codes List

Anime 7424

To find all the anime movies and series, you can use the secret code 7424, here is the list of anime subcategories:

NetFlix Streaming by Alternate Genres

Action & Adventure – 1365

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Anime – 7424

Children & Family Movies – 783


Classic Movies31574



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Foreign movies78367

Horror movies8711

Independent movies7077

LGBTQ 5977



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Romantic movies8883

Sci – Fi & Fantasy 1492

Sports movies – 4370

TV Shows – 83

Teen TV shows – 60951

Thrillers – 8933