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16 November Facts about Holidays, Birthdays, and Special Events

Interesting November facts

November is the month that kickstarts Christmas preparations for many households in the United States. The 11th month on the calendar bids farewell to autumn and gives people a chance to enjoy the last signs of fall as we welcome winter with open arms.

It’s the month when winds start to blow, and temperature drops to prepare the northern hemisphere for a chilly and snowy winter season. The Southern Hemisphere, on the other hand, enjoys a beautiful springtime. People dust off their barbecue grill and clean the pool to welcome guests.

November has always been quite captivating for many people around the world. Let’s look at some November facts and see what makes it special!

Fascinating Facts about November You May Not Know

1. It Used to Be the Ninth Month on the Calendar

Ancient Romans introduced November as the ninth month on their calendar. The name derives from the Latin word “novem,” which appropriately means “ninth.” The Roman calendar remained in practice until 45 BC. When the Julian calendar became common, January and February were added. November got shuffled for a bit but finally became the 11th month on the Gregorian calendar that we use today. Despite the shift, the name was never changed!

2. People Have Different Names for the Month of November

Anglo-Saxons had it rough for the winter season, and it started with November. The winds of this month would chill people to the bone, so they called it “Wind Monath” (wind month). They also called it “Blod Monath” (blood month) as they would slaughter cows in this month to store food for the harsh winters.

November has a different name in Finland; they call it “marraskuu” due to the extreme cold weather. The literal meaning of the word is the month of the dead.

3. November Is for Cancer Awareness

This month is dedicated to spreading cancer awareness in Canada and the United States. They call it No Shave November or National Beard Month. Australia and England have a similar tradition where the people grow mustaches instead of beards.

Participants would shave on the first day of November and refrain from shaving for the rest of the month. It’s an effort to encourage people to donate to a worthy cause.

4. November 22nd Is a Sad Day for America

One of the most tragic incidents in the history of America took place in the month of November. President John F. Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963, while he was riding in a car with his wife. It happened at 12:30 pm, and by the time he was rushed to a hospital, JFK had passed away. Besides Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, and James Garfield, JFK was the fourth US President who was assassinated.

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Birthstone of November

5. The Birthstone of November Babies Is Topaz

Unlike other months, November only has one birthstone. Topaz signifies honor, strength, and friendship. It is a semi-precious stone, found in various colors, but not all of them represent November babies. The orange-yellow Topaz is the version that’s associated with the month of November. Fun fact is, ancient Greeks thought the stone could turn a person invisible.

6. November Flower Symbolizes Cheerfulness

Like the birthstone, November has only one flower, and it generally symbolizes cheerfulness. Chrysanthemum exists in a variety of colors, and each color of the flower means something different. A white chrysanthemum signifies pure love, while a red one says I love you. There’s also a yellow chrysanthemum that represents unrequited love.

7. All the Days to Celebrate!

November comes with the excitement of the upcoming holiday season, but there are enough days to celebrate in this month that you’d want to leave Christmas preparations for December.

Starting with November 1st, there’s All Saints Day, a Christian festival that celebrates the lives of known and unknown saints. Hispanic communities also remember this day as All Soul’s Day to commemorate their loved ones who’ve passed away. Christians in the US have November 2nd for that.

Honoring the veterans of the United States Armed Forces, we celebrate November 11th as Veterans Day. It also coincides with Remembrance Day and Armistice Day. And then there’s Thanksgiving! One of the most popular holidays of November and the occasion that marks the start of the Christmas season. It’s celebrated on the third Thursday of the month.

8. Many Famous People Were Born in November

The 11th month of the calendar has some notable names with their birthdays. It includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Twain, Scarlett Johansson, Gordon Ramsey, Winston Churchill, Ryan Gosling, Whoopi Goldberg, Indira Gandhi, and Bruce Lee.

 Black Friday

9. Black Friday Is the Reason We Wait for November

“Black Friday” is an informal term used to represent the Friday that follows Thanksgiving Day. In the US, a number of stores offer promotions and deals on Black Friday, giving a chance to the general public to get everything they want before the holiday season.

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Apparently, Philadelphia is where the first time the Black Friday phrase was used back in 1961. Police would describe the heavy traffic on Thanksgiving using this phrase.

10.  Scorpio or Sagittarius? The Choice Is Not Yours

People born between November 1st and 22nd are Scorpios, and those born after are Sagittarius. While the two signs fall in the same month, the personalities of Scorpios and Sagittarians are complete opposites.

Scorpios are intense people with a vivid imagination. They value honesty and trust more than anything else. Sagittarians are energetic beings with idealistic beliefs. They are open-minded people with a zest for life.

11.  Abraham Lincoln Summarized Democracy in Two Minutes

Abraham Lincoln, a great leader of the American people, was scheduled to address the crowd in Gettysburg on November 19th, 1863. He had to deliver a speech at the National Cemetery on the Gettysburg battle.

He was suffering from smallpox and looking ghostly as he gave his two minutes speech. Despite his medical condition, the man summed up democracy in his speech and turned it into one of the most memorable addresses of all time.

12.  William Shakespeare Did Not Like the Month of November

The great writer of English Literature has written 37 plays and 154 sonnets. Most of his work is still in production, and one thing stands out in all his writings—William Shakespeare has never mentioned the month of November even once!

There could be many explanations for the absence of November from William Shakespeare’s greatest works. We can’t help but think it could be the man just didn’t like this month!

shakespeare’s Works

13.  November Babies Are Healthier Than Other Babies

Science proves that birth months have something to do with disease risks, and one such research suggests that November babies are unlikely to develop lung or heart diseases.

Before you start celebrating, let us tell you that the same research concluded that people born in November could have respiratory issues.

14.  A Dog Went to Space in November

November marked another success for humankind when Soviet Russia sent a spacecraft out of the atmosphere with a dog in it.

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In 1957, the first spacecraft was launched with a living passenger named Leika.

The dog was found on the streets of Moscow. It was an unassuming pooch who got to be remembered in history as the first living being to exit planet Earth in a spacecraft.

15.  The Full Moon of November Has a Special Name

November marks the beginning of winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, and back in the day, hunters would spend this month setting up beaver traps.

They would be looking for food until the temperatures dropped and the water sources froze over. Following this tradition, the full moon of November is called Beaver Moon.

16.  November 5th Is Celebrated for the Survival of King James I

November has historic days for the UK, just like the US. One of those days is November 5th, when a plot against King James I failed. In 1605, a small group of Roman Catholics plotted against the King and wanted to blow up the English Parliament.

The plot was unsuccessful, which is celebrated to this day. People all over the UK set off fireworks and light bonfires to celebrate the failure of the plot against King James I.

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Did you like these November facts? The eleventh month of the calendar has a meaningful past and a treasured present. With Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, and Black Friday, people have enough to look forward to during the month of November.

We loved the fact that November is celebrated as cancer awareness month. It’s amazing how people come forward for a good cause! Let us know if you or someone you know has participated in the No Shave Month.

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