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Amazing Ocean Facts That Will Wow You

Ocean Facts

The ocean; the deep blue sea. The earth is covered mostly by the waters of the ocean, so why not learn a bit more about it? Here is our list of  grand facts about the Ocean that’ll shock you. The sea is a wonderfully incredible place indeed!

For instance, 30% of the 70% of ocean coverage on Earth is the Pacific Ocean. It’s name comes from the Latin phrase for “peaceful sea.” How nice! Also, the lowest point in the ocean is in the Mariana Trench, with a depth of over 36,000 feet. That’s some deep sea diving! If you want to swim into even more wonderful ocean facts, then keep on reading.

Interesting Facts about the Ocean

1 Monterrey Bay Submarine Canyon

It’s located under the sea and is larger than the Grand Canyon.

2 Under the Sea

About 99% of Earth’s living creatures live in the ocean.

3 Warm and Toasty

Most of Earth’s atmospheric heat is contained in the top ten feet of the ocean’s surface.

4 A Huge Water Source

The ocean holds 97% of the Earth’s water.

5 Mauna Kea, Hawaii

This mountain starts in the ocean and rises above sea level for a total height of over 33,000 feet.

6 Average Ocean Depth

It is 12,000 feet, which is ⅓ of the Mariana Trench’s depth.

7 More to Be Seen

The Earth is 70% ocean, but we’ve only explored about 5% of it.

8 The Great Barrier Reef

Measuring over 1,600 miles, it can be seen from the International Space Station!

9 Ocean and Oxygen

The ocean is responsible for producing 70% of the oxygen we humans breathe.

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10 Forget About Mountains on Land

The largest mountain range is the Mid-Oceanic Ridge, deep under the sea.

11 Ice Sheet is very large 

The ice sheet in the Antarctic Ocean is double the size of the United States of America

12 The Ocean is really cold!

The average ocean temperature is just 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

101 Facts About The Oceans

Today we’re taking a dip into the beautiful briny, and diving head first into the Ocean. Grab your diving suits and your oxygen tanks, keep an eye out for Nemo and Dory, and call David Attenborough’s camera crew, as we take a look at 101 Facts About The Ocean. Number 42 surprised me the most!

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