Weird Orgasm Facts About That’ll Totally Surprise You

Orgasm Facts

If you believe that you know all about orgasms from firsthand experience—well, you are definitely in for a surprise. And if you are among those 30% of women who have trouble reaching orgasm, don’t despair because you are not alone. In fact, this can be remedied by oral medication, topical testosterone therapy and other medical treatments.

Weird Orgasm Facts

1 The quality of an orgasm is not affected by using condoms.

2 Both men and women who have spinal cord injuries can still reach orgasm when the hypersensitive skin around their injury is stimulated.

3 Women who are insecure in their relationships are less likely to attain an orgasm.

4 Spicing and mixing things up in the bedroom can help women attain more frequent orgasms.

5 Not all orgasms are earth shattering—there will be those with the Big Os; some are gentle and sweet, while there are climaxes that are not up to par.

6 Obese and overweight men with a BMI greater than 30 produce 2ml or less of ejaculation, with the normal amount being 3.4ml.

7 For both men and women, an orgasm generally feels the same because both clitoris and penis originate from the same tissues in a growing embryo.

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8 For men, heroin and orgasms stimulate the same area of the brain.

9 Studies have found that you can cure headaches by achieving an orgasm.

10 As you age, orgasms only gets better especially with regards to frequency and quality.

11 Did you know that there are men who can reach an orgasm without touching their penis or other body parts? Yes, they do it through fantasizing alone. Additionally, if you are an exhibitionist, why not do it legally? The San Francisco’s Centre For Sex & Culture hosts an annual masturbate-a-thon where you can wank while people watch you. We know, creepy!