Interesting Patrice Lumumba Facts You Didn’t Learn in School

Patrice Lamumba Facts

Patrice Lumumba has become a legendary figure in the history of the Republic of the Congo. While he rose to power in a period of time mired in conflict, his ideals are ones every country should attempt to strive towards.

Patrice Lumumba Facts

1 While imprisoned by Colonel Mobutu’s forces, Lumumba was so charismatic he nearly convinced his jailers to help him regain the government.

2 The shockwaves and widespread reactions following Lumumba’s murder forced the U.N. into Congo to restore order.

3 Lumumba was transported to Katanga on January 18, 1961 and murdered, shocking the world.

4 Lumumba was only the Prime Minister for about five months before being dismissed by President Kasavubu for his attempts at gaining Soviet aid.

5 C.I.A operatives during the Eisenhower administration have admitted to attempting to poison Lumumba.

6 His first political experience came soon after 1954 when he organized a postal workers’ labor union in Stanleyville.

7 Lumumba was imprisoned for a brief period of time in 1959 for encouraging riots.

8 Lumumba overcame intellectual obstacles like lack of electricity and a scarcity of books to become one of the smarter, more troublesome kids in his class.

9 After the region of Katanga declared independence in 1960, Lumumba turned toward the U.N. for help. Their refusal forced him to go to the Soviet Union, beginning the United States’ association of Lumumba as a communist.

10 Patrice Lumumba became the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s first Prime Minister at the relatively young age of 35 in 1960.

Video: How the US and Belgium Assassinated Congo’s First Prime Minister – Patrice Lumumba

On 17 January, 1961, Patrice Lumumba, the first legally elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was assassinated. Described as one the most significant assassinations in modern African history, this heinous crime is widely believed to have been the fruit of two inter-related conspiracies which were led by the US and Belgian governments.

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While he died in a period of conflict, Lumumba is regarded as an African hero. In late 2003, BBC even published an article examining the positive effects of Congolese who name their child after Lumumba. Their conclusion was they are given a better start in life.

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