Mindblowing Penis Facts No One Could Make Up

Penis Facts

The penis is an organ that is near and dear to many a man’s heart, a topic that children giggle about and discussed by adults in hushed gossip circles. Yet, many do not know much about the sex organ besides the absolute basics. Here are some interesting penis facts that are sure to blow your mind:

Shocking Penis Facts

1 Sperm travel at nearly 30 miles per hour when the penis ejaculates.

2 The largest documented human penis belongs to American Jonah Falcon, whose penis is 13.5” long.

3 Men are unable to experience multiple orgasms like women, and must wait around 30 minutes between true orgasms.

4 Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction that occurs in 20% to 30% of men no matter the age.

5 ‘Growers’ and ‘Show-ers’ are a real thing; the size of a flaccid penis is not an accurate indicator of the size it will be when erect.

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6 One in 5.5 million men are born with two penises, a condition medically known as diphalia.

7 Average penis size for an erect penis is between five and six inches long.

8 Koro is a cultural syndrome in which individuals believe their genitalia are shrinking and will disappear. The syndrome notably struck Thailand and Northeast India in 1982.

9 Non-circumcision is more popular in recent years, with only 32.5% of newborns being circumcised in 2009 in North America.

10 It needs exercise, relying on the rush of oxygen rich blood during erections to keep the muscles healthy.

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11 Many will be glad to know that the penis is like an iceberg. In fact, half of the penis is inside the body! The penis goes through the pelvis and curves upwards to attach to the pubic bone, making a true image of an erect penis resemble that of a boomerang.

Video: Weird Facts About Male Foreskin

The foreskin is kind of a taboo subject that most people don’t talk about, but there is nothing wrong with asking questions because here at The Infographics Show we have your answers. Check out today’s video that will have you blushing, and hopefully educates you about a certain something you’ve always been curious about.

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