10 Amazing Facts About Piranha That You’ll Want to Tell Everyone

Piranha Facts

You may have seen some sci-fi or horror movies about piranha. Or perhaps you have read about them in books and encyclopedias. Either way, we know that many folks are terrified of these fish. But, are they really all that bad? or do they just have a bad reputation?

Find out by reading our list of 10 amazing facts about Piranha today. From their different species and colors, to what they feast on and where they can be found, have fun learning more about these extremely fascinating fish. And the next time you hit the Amazon rain forest, maybe you will keep an eye out for one!

Fascinating Piranha Facts

1 Feeding Frenzies

Like sharks, piranha can become involved in feeding frenzies where a school of fish will attack.

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2 A Piranha Diet

Piranha feast on mollusks, insects, birds, lizards, fish, and carcasses.

3 It Never Ends

We know piranha have sharp teeth, but did you know their teeth just grow back? Now you know.

4 Measuring Up

The average piranha measure about 6 to 10 inches long.

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5 The Pretty Colors

The colors of piranha can range from yellow and green, to blue and gray, to even red.

6 We Don’t Even Know

There are still unknown species of piranha that we have yet to identify.

7 Yummy Yummy

Piranha are omnivores, eating both plants and meat.

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8 But Don’t Let That Fool You

People have introduced piranha to other places, such as North America, Brazil, Central America, and Hawaii.

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9 A South American Threat

Piranha are rampant in South America, particularly in warm rainforest regions..

10 You Say Potato..

In Venezuela, they call piranha “caribe.”

11 They have camouflage?

The silver color with red patches on Piranha bodies act as camouflage in muddy waters which they inhabit.


Giant piranha fish pacu caught in college campus pond.

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