Intriguing Pitbull Facts to Blow Your Socks Off

Did you know that the origin of the pitbull was to bring bulls intro pasture for farmers? The pitbulls later became farm dogs and now they commonly used in family homes. Sometimes called the American Pit Bull Terrier, these dogs can actually be extremely kind, gentle, and good with children and adults.

They are also known for their agility and strength. Let’s learn more about these dogs with our list of 10 Intriguing Pitbull Facts to Blow Your Socks Off. From their personalities and appearance, to some historical tidbits about the dog breed, you are sure to love this canine list.

Intriguing Facts about Pitbulls

1 Stable as Ever

Pitbulls are the #5 most stable dog breed, in terms of temperament.

2 They’re Good at Human Interaction

Pitbulls love to be around people, and they sometimes act like much smaller dogs.

3 Stubborn Dogs

Pitbulls will finish the task at hand and the breed is known for its resilience.

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4 Long-Term Puppies

The pitbull breed takes about 2 to 3 years to reach full adulthood.

5 Puppies Can be a Handful

Until they reach adulthood, your pitbull could be a bit mischievous.

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6 They Can be Lazy

Some pitbulls just love to lounge around on the sofa.

7 They Can Live Almost Anywhere

Pitbulls can easily adapt to a variety of locations: urban, rural, etc.

8 They Are People Pleasers

Pitbulls just long to please their owners, which makes them great companions.

9 Not a First-Time Pet

Pitbulls do require some dedication to train, so they aren’t an ideal first-time pet.

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10 They Need Active Owners

Pitbulls require energetic owners because they love to be active.

11 They are fighters

Woof woof! Ready for more? A secondary reason for breeding these dogs was so that they could be top fighters in the dog fighting ring. And 5% of all dogs in the United States have at least some pitbull in them.

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