Mind Boggling Facts About Pixar’s Inside Out

The first time we heard about Inside Out was at the Disney D3 Expo back in 2011. Well, four years later, the film was released in theaters and it was a huge hit. So here is our list of 10 Super-Fascinating Facts About Pixar’s Inside Out You’ve Never Heard Before.

If you loved watching the emotions in young Riley’s brain, just remember that she was only the second female lead in a Pixar film (the first was Merida in Brave.) And did you catch the short that preceded Inside Out? It was the story of two volcanoes in love. Ready for even more facts? Keep reading!

Fascinating Facts about Pixar’s Inside Out Movie

1 Up, Up, and Away

Director Pete Docter’s own daughter, Elie, was the voice of Ellie in the Pixar film Up!

2 Not Totally Fiction

The writers and crew members looked to their own daughters and female friends for help with creating Riley.

3 A Little Help From Their Friends

Since the main character is just 11 years old, the writers also spoke to child psychologists for help.

4 It’s Legit Scientific

The writers for the film spoke with brain scientists and researchers for help with accuracy.

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5 A Real Tearjerker

The voice actors on the film were emotionally touched by the movie!

6 Worldwide Premiere

Inside Out was first shown to audiences at the 68th Cannes Film Festival in Europe.

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7 Why So Blue?

Every emotion has a specific purpose and goal, except for Sadness. Why?

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8 It’s a Small World

Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones lend their voices to the film, and they’re also co-stars on Parks & Recreation.

9 Age Difference

The protagonist is 11-year-old Riley, but she’s voiced by a 16-year-old girl.

10 The Man with the Plan

We can thank Insider Out’s director, Pete Docter, for the basis of the film.

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11 The Music is Really Good!

Love the music in Inside Out? That’s because it was created by a 5-time Pixar collaborator, Michael Giacchino. San Francisco seems to be a popular inspirational locale for Pixar; it is where Riley’s family moves to and it inspired the setting of Big Hero 6. Critics also estimated that the film would rake in about $250 million in the U.S.

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Inside Out – Guess the Feelings

This is a super fun clip that will have you guessing the characters feelings. And it will remind you how emotional the movie was.