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The Most Delicious Pizza Hut Facts that You Didn’t Know

Pizza hut logo on a red box

Pizza Hut has been baking oven-fresh pizzas for us for more than 60 years now. This global pizza chain was founded in 1958 by two brothers who took the world by a storm. Today, Pizza Hut has more than 16,000 locations all over the world with tons of flavors for each country and cuisine.

No matter where you are from, you may have definitely heard of Pizza Hut. So let’s get to know more about Pizza Hut and learn some interesting things about it.

Hungry for the Most Delicious Pizza Hut Facts? Read on!

1. Pizza Hut Went Viral Almost Instantaneously

The first Pizza Hut restaurant opened in Wichita, Kansas and was already incorporated. The brothers asked Dick Hassur, their friend, to open the very first Pizza Hut franchise in Topeka, Kansas. Dick Hassur was a schoolmate and a colleague of Dan Carney at Boeing.

Looking for a better job than his insurance agent job, Hassur soon owned multiple Pizza Hut franchises and started looking for other managers who would be interested in opening the new franchises all over the country.

After a while, he met Bill Parcells, one of the Pizza Hut managers who had put in a resignation notice to take a coaching job at a college. The same Bill Parcells who went on to become a coach of several NFL teams including New York giants. Hussar tried to convince Bill Parcells to keep working as a Pizza Hut manager, but Bill had other NFL teams waiting for him to be coached.

2. Pizza Hut Was Founded by Two College Students

Dan and Frank Carney were studying in Wichita State University in 1958 when they decided to open up Pizza Hut. The two brothers borrowed $600 from their mother and opened up their first Pizza Hut location in Kansas. The name of the Pizza Hut was inspired from the place they rented to open the first Pizza Hut. It was a bar.

exterior of a Pizza Hut outlet

3. Pizza Hut Used to Have a Mascot

If you think Pizza Hut has had its iconic red logo since forever, that’s not the case. In fact, the red roof logo only became associated with Pizza Hut in 1969. Before that, Pizza Hut used to have a mascot called Pizza Pete.

Pizza Pete was also the logo of the brand and was represented by a mustached man wearing a chef’s hat, an apron, and a neckerchief who served hot pizzas. The mascot was still used in the 1970s after the red roof logo got adopted. However, it was slowly phased out.

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4. Pizza Hut Had a Limited-Edition Perfume

Did you know that Pizza Hut once had a limited-edition perfume that smelled like fresh dough with spice? That’s right! The company announced in 2012 that they would be releasing a special perfume. Over 100 Canadian fans of Pizza Hut even won these bottles that looked like mini pizza boxes.

There was another promotion done near Valentine’s Day when the American Pizza Hut’s Twitter contest gave the winners these limited-edition perfumes. A few years later, these perfumes appeared on eBay, priced as high as $495.

5. Pizza Hut and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Have a Thing for Each Other

The crime fighting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a HUGE fan of pizza. And when these turtles became a pop culture icon, it was natural for Pizza Hut to form a partnership with them. Pizza Hut ads were a part of the VHS when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film was released on home video.

The company also spent over $20 million marketing for the Turtles during an album release and concert tour in 1990. Pizza Hut’s partnership with TMNT remained until 2014 when Michael Bay’s version was released.

6. Pizza Hut Used to Have Real Easy-Bake Ovens

Did you know that easy-bake ovens for children were a real thing? That’s right! In the 1970s, the children were lucky enough to get little toy ovens powered by 60-watt light bulbs and shaped like Pizza Hut restaurants. Children could use these ovens to bake real tiny Pizza Hut pizzas from the heat of the bulb. How cool, right?

a pizza hut outlet

7. Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT! Campaign Was Initiated in 1984

The world-famous BOOK IT! Campaign by Pizza Hut started in 1984. This campaign is an initiative to push children to read books by giving the rewards with a small pizza, recognition, and praise.

This campaign was a huge success and was even endorsed by the First Lady of the time, Barbara Bush who hosted a pizza party in the White House based on the reading theme in 1989. The campaign is believed to be the longest-running reading campaign in the U.S. with over 60 million children.

8. The Iconic Pan Pizza Was Introduced by Pizza Hut

The iconic pan pizza was introduced by Pizza Hut in 1980, followed by Domino’s nine years later. Pizza Hut also introduced the personal pan pizzas in 1983, which are given out as the prize in the BOOK IT! campaign. Personal pan pizzas are the only size option available at smaller Pizza Hut shops such as those in departmental stores.

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9. Pizza Hut Also Introduced the One of Its Kind PizzaNet Program

Pizza Hut was one of the first restaurants that introduced online ordering in 1994. With The Santa Cruz Operation, they collaboratively created PizzaNet, a futuristic program at the time that allowed desktop users to place online orders for Pizza Hut. In fact, the website is still running with the same name. Go ahead and check it out to be directed to your local Pizza Hut website for online ordering.

10. Pizza Hut Went to Space

Pizza Hut is the first food company ever to deliver pizzas to space. In 2001, the company sent pizzas to the International Space Station.

These pizzas underwent a recipe change to make the pizzas more stabilized before being sealed tightly. The company also paid more than $1 million to advertise the brand on a rocket in 1999. This ad was 30 feet wide.

The company had previously planned on marketing the brand in space by displaying the Pizza Hut logo on the moon using lasers, as told by Mike Rawlings, the former CEO of Pizza Hut. However, as they started looking into the feasibility of the idea, they realized that the laser-projected ad would have to be as big as Texas to be visible from Earth.

Moreover, it would have cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. So the company decided to stick with plain old TV and Super Bowl commercials.

11. Pizza Hut Once Had an Engagement Party Package

Are you looking for the perfect way to propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend? Pizza Hut introduced an engagement party package in 2012 which included a limo, fireworks, flowers, a ruby ring, a photographer, and a $10 dinner.

The package was priced at $10,010 and only 10 of them were offered. However, the engagement package was ridiculously priced at more than $10k.

12. Pizza Hut is Responsible for 3% of the Cheese Production in the U.S.

With thousands of restaurant chains and millions of cheese lover’s pizza fans, Pizza Hut needs a whole lot of choice. And by ‘a whole lot’, we mean 3% of the cheese produced in the entire U.S.

They use 300 million pounds of cheese each year and is one of the biggest buyers of cheese in the world. To make that amount of cheese, over 170,000 cows are used!

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an old Pizza Hut outlet

Top 10 Untold Truths of Pizza Hut!!!

Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of the Yum! Brands and is the largest pizza chain in the entire world. Here are the top 10 untold truths about Pizza Hut that people don’t tell you. While everyone has a favorite pizza place, Pizza Hut happens to be almost everyone’s favorite.

This popular pizza chain has thousands of outlets worldwide with customized menus for each cuisine. Pizza Hut has remained a pioneer in achieving multiple miles. From introducing the iconic pan-sized pizza to sending meals in space, Pizza Hut has quite an impressive portfolio.

It has a diverse Italian American menu with pizzas, pastas, side dishes, and desserts. Watch this video to learn some exciting and surprising facts about your favorite pizza place that has been in business for more than 60 years now.


So that’s all about your favorite pizza restaurant, folks! Pizza Hut has achieved a lot of impressive milestones so far. From being the first restaurant to deliver food in space to being the pioneer of pan pizzas, there is a lot to be impressed by. Our favorite fact definitely has to be the one with the tiny easy-bake ovens.

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