10 Enthralling Planet Earth Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Planet Earth Facts

Earth is a magnificent culmination of the force of nature. No matter where you live, you’re surrounded by wondrous wildlife, strange plants, and basic elements that fill scientists with inspiration. You’re even standing on millions of years of history buried beneath the Earth’s surface!

Many people spend their entire lives without knowing as much as they can about the planet they live on, but that’s why we are here to help.

Planet Earth Facts

1 The Stromboli Volcano is the most active volcano on the planet; it has earned the nickname “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” because it has been erupting for the past 2,000 years.

2 Coral reefs are visible from space, and are considered to contain the highest density of plant and animal life in the entire planet.

3 Light from the Sun takes over eight minutes to travel through the over 90 million miles of space to reach Earth.

4 The Mariana Trench (the deepest point on Earth) is so deep that if Mount Everest were placed at its deepest point, it would still be over a mile under the ocean water.

5 In 2013, scientists discovered the temperature of the Earth’s core was around 10,800 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly 1800 degrees Fahrenheit more than previously expected.

6 Glaciers occupy nearly 10% of the Earth’s total surface area.

7 Scientists have extrapolated data to estimate a total of 8.74 million species on Earth, though a vast majority of both land and water dwelling species remain undiscovered.

8 Scientists believe the magnetic poles will switch within the next few thousand years with unknown consequences.

9 The beautiful and famous Northern and Southern Lights are a result of the Sun; charged particles from the Sun collide with air particles when trapped by the Earth’s magnetic field to form the glowing display.

10 Divided by the modern day average life expectancy, our 4.5 billion year old planet would have seen over 67 million generations if humans had been there from the start.

+ Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

Up until now, the largest living thing ever discovered was a fungus in Oregon. A cluster of Armillaria ostoyae (known as “honey mushroom”) was discovered to be the culprit behind killing entire groves of evergreen trees in 2000. It’s estimated the entire cluster covers over 2,200 acres. With so much of the world still unknown, your guess is as good as ours as to what future discovery may even top this giant mushroom.

Ancient Planet Hides Inside Earth for 4 Billion Years

Why is space exploration important? It allows us to get to know our own planet better! 🌏 There’re so many questions to answer: “what if Earth had rings?” “what if Earth had no moon?” What if there’s another planet hiding inside ours? And it’s true! Scientists claim the remains of an entire planet have been found inside the Earth! A protoplanet slammed into Earth long time ago… and it’s still there.