Fascinating Pregnancy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Pregnancy Facts

Pregnancy can be a very excruciating or exciting journey for any would be mom. Some moms find their pregnancies to be quite easy, while there are those who have a hard time of it. No matter if it is your first, second, third, or nth time of pregnancy, each time will be different.

Be prepared for the various changes that your physical body will go through—and also for the hormonal and emotional changes that goes along with pregnancies. Since most pregnancies vary from one mom to another and from one child to another, there are a lot of things that you don’t know yet about being pregnant. So, here are some

Pregnancy Facts

1 Vanishing twin in the womb is a real phenomenon.

2 Mosquitoes find pregnant women more enticing to bite.

3 Tall women have higher probability to conceive twins.

4 Pregnant mums have a stronger sense of smell.

5 A pregnant woman’s heart grows to increase blood volume by 40 to 50%.

6 Women can get pregnant, while pregnant—meaning delivering babies with different due dates, which is different from delivering twin babies.

7 Pregnant moms who suffer from heartburn are most likely to give birth to babies with a full head of hair.

8 Engaging in oral sex, CAN impregnate a woman.

9 Babies remember foods eaten when their mom was still pregnant with them and have a preference for these foods too.

10 The longest pregnancy ever recorded is 12 months and 10 days. The normal is 9 months.

11 Pregnancy is a stage in a woman’s life where physically, hormonally and emotionally she would undergo various changes to accommodate the growing baby in her tummy. Food cravings are not unusual, but can also be a sign of nutritional deficiencies. Pica is another type of craving where the pregnant mom craves non-food items which do not mean that you are nutritionally deficient in any way.

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Pregnancy Kicks – More Fascinating Facts

Are you a first time would-be mom? If yes, then you must be very excited to feel the first movement and kick from your baby. It is undoubtedly the most exciting experience for many expecting moms. It is an indication that there is a little angel growing inside you. Below are interesting facts about baby kicks during pregnancy that you need to know.

1 The kicks that you feel are not just “kicks.”

It refers to the movement that the baby makes inside your womb. The movements may include hiccups, hand movements, side turning, and even somersaults.

2 The normal average kick is between 15 and 20 per day.

3 If your baby’s kicks have reduced, you can always induce them by eating something cold, listening to music or doing light physical activities such as walking in the park.

4 After 36 weeks in your pregnancy and you notice that the movements of your baby have decreased, it may indicate less space available in the womb.

5 After 28 weeks of pregnancy and your baby still makes fewer than 10 kicks in a day, it may indicate distress due to insufficient supply of oxygen or low blood sugar levels. If the baby does not kick an hour after you have eaten food, after walking or drinking water, then these should raise your concern.

6 Babies start to kick after nine weeks. However, the kicks are usually very small and can only be detected using an ultrasound scan. Most mothers really feel their babies kicking during the 24th week of pregnancy.

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7 Babies also kick inside the womb after their moms have meals.

8 Lying on your left side increases the frequency of the kicks. This is caused by improving the blood supply to the fetus.

9 Babies kick as their response to the changes in their environment such as when they hear noise.

10 Baby kicks are a sign that your baby is healthy. It also indicates that your baby is active.

11 Feeling your baby move inside you is a very rewarding feeling. In fact, the movement that your baby makes is one of the first ever communication your baby has with you. Thus, reduction in your baby’s kicks should always be checked by your doctor.

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Learn some more fascinating things about being pregnancy and the miracle of life.